Will iPhones lose their future in United States?

Apple and qualcomm lawsuit

Soon Apple iPhone import may ban in U.S. According to a news, Qualcomm that makes chips for Apple’s smartphone has begun a legal facedown with Apple as Apple decided to stop paying a lump of dollars in licensing fees on Qualcomm chips and its patents and patent applications.

Qualcomm requested International Trade Commission to stop China made iPhone designed by Apple to enter in US as the issue is growing. According to Apple CEO, Timothy D. Cook, Qualcomm is not on reasonable terms for its patents that has made company to decide on bill amounts to be paid.

Rumors are affecting Apple

“A patent holder is responsible to offer it to others who want it which is called FRAND- fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory. The CEO has decided to discuss the second quarter results soon.

Apple will soon launch new iPhone handset in the upcoming winter that will have lager screen with several exciting features.

Qualcomm’s revenue has dropped by several hundred millions of dollars after Apple decided to stop paying the royal amounts.

Who is Qualcomm?

Qualcomm is the biggest supplier of mobile chips in the world that holds patents for 3G and 4G net technologies. So every smartphone producer has to pay license fees to Qualcomm irrespective of fact whether they use their chips or not.

Recently Apple has filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm stating that the licensing charges to be paid to Qualcomm are unreasonable. Although Apple uses 4G chips made from Intel, the company has to still pay Qualcomm for Intel uses some of its patents. Apple pays the licensing bills through its iPhone manufactures. After the case application, iPhone maker is not paying any amounts to Qualcomm.

In response to this lawsuit, Qualcomm may claim the International Trade Commission to stop the iPhone import to US that are made in China. Qualcomm also claimed that Apple didn’t fully use the iPhone 7 chips to unable the users realize that Qualcomm based iPhones are much superior in functionality as compare to Intel based iPhones.

So, what do you say? Will iPhones be banned in America soon? Your comments are awaited.

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