The Walking Dead Season 7- What is left to see as of now?

the walking dead

The heart dithering AMC network series The Walking Dead has reached to its season 7 and it will air its 9th episode on Feb 12. The upcoming episode will be totally unlike to the previous episodes.  Above of that, it will not move around Negan. The most violent character, Negan who has already killed Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford will take some rest now.

Get ready to be more amazed in the rest of the episodes of The Walking Dead Season 7 as declared by Scott Gimple, the series runner. He claimed that the rest of the episodes of season 7 will bring a new version of The Walking Dead that you have never seen. The structure of the drama will include several variations.

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165: Opportunity – New teasing cover is released by The Walking Dead Website

the walking dead march cover release

Sherry said that she will have the survivors of Sanctuary attack when they are weak after the battle against The Whisperers. It seems that it will come true because Sherry, John, Mark and others are moving forward on the bloody ground. Perhaps, Heath will no longer be in a reputed position as he tries to move leave them and the zombies.

The title for the new cover is When Alexandria is at its weakest-they strike, soon it will be evident that The Saviors have stood up against the ignorance. So besides of dropping blood while fighting against The Whisperers, now the war will be with Beta and his community.

Chance of Heath and Sherry come back in The Walking Dead Season 7

heath and sherry come back in walking dead season 7

Previously, Alexandrian Heath was seen leaving the place with his specs and a bunch of tire tracks left behind. Whilst Sherry was seen drowning the Saviors sorrows in liquor. Is there any chance for these people to return in the season 7? Considering the potential of Gimple in running this series, we will talk about it.

Fortunately, there is mild possibility that Heath may come back to support his friends in the future battles with Negan. However Sherry’s return in the rest of season 7 is not confirmed yet.

What actors are doing besides of the show?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is spending time in a farm with ducks, dogs, cats and others. He even also talks about chickens during Live With Kelly where he declared his affection with these animals. He also shared his wonderful experience in collecting the eggs saying that, he is enjoying kid job, his son spends several hours talking with chickens.

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