Top 9 facts about iPhone 8 that you should know

iphone 8 specifications

iPhone 8 will soon be in your locality in this year, according to the news, iPhone’s parts such as All chip, OLED screen and others have already been decided.  

Here is what can you expect to get in the latest model iPhone 8:

  1. Design- iPhone 8 may be the beginning of new design age of Apple phones because according to rumors the new device could be fully made of glass. Apple is working on glass casing to replace the traditional metal body
  2. No old processor– iPhone 8 will bring a new processor, A11 chip is trusted to be faster more compact and with more strength. Soon the chip will be tested.

3. No Wired chargers– Apple is testing wireless long range technology that may be featured in iPhone 8. The benefit of this feature is that you may not need to keep the phone near the charging place.

4. Dual Lens Camera ­ The latest model may feature dual lens camera for better image stability

5. Screen– iPhone 8 may bring bigger screen about 5.8 inch like Samsung Edge. According to rumors, Apple is trying to feature edge to edge displays with OLED screen for better power use, lightweight and good contrast.

6. Space-Apple may include Samsung’s NAND memory in its latest model although it is not confirmed that if the phone capacity will be increased or not. According to rumors, iPhone 8 will come with 265 GB in-built memory.

7. Battery-iPhones are generally made with small battery. Apple usually makes all efforts to make its phone battery efficient in addition of being nice and compact. But customers are continuously pressurizing Apple for smaller batter than Android phones. So, with iPhone 8 Apple is willing to improve the battery size although it is not confirmed yet.

8. Price- Apple’s iPhone 7 has been the leader of last year that makes it clear that upcoming model iPhone 8’s price can never be low. The iPhone 7 Plus is available at $769. It was a big hit in China. In this week Apple will come with the final results. But keep in mind that iPhone 8 is going to be priced slightly higher than iPhone 7s Plus.

9. Launch Date- An expected launch date for iPhone 8 is September 14, 2017.

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