Top 5 U.S. Cities attacked by hurricanes

strong hurricanes in UNited States

So these are the U.S. cities that are always at high risk to get caught by hurricane. They are chosen after confirming the results of hurricane data over 126 years.   So if you are planning to move or trip to U.S. think about whether you should settle in these cities or not.

New Orleans, Louisiana

In 2005, New Orleans experienced the tremendous hurricane. Since then, the city has received extreme improvements  because Katrina immerses most part of the city under water. Continuously sinking marshy coastal land in southeastern Louisiana and more than half of the city living below the sea level makes this city highly sensitive to severe hurricanes. Even the Mississippi river is almost 30 feet above the city that shows how deep the city is. Most land around the city is immersing that puts it to the pure danger if another vast hurricane hits New Orleans.

Tampa, Florida

Located in the west coast of Flourida, Tempa receives a large part of hurricanes. It almost receives 11% impact of hurricanes every year. Still most residents of the city have their homes made near the coast that puts them on more danger of storm.

Tampa is a metropolitan city however the hurricanes are seen across the city. Because it is located by the shallow Tampa Bay, water collects in the city resulting into a large storm.


Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

Cape Hatteras is located on the external boundaries of North Carolina with almost 15% feasibility to be impacted by hurricane in any year. It is in close proximity to Gulf Stream that produces stronger hurricanes due to hot ocean waters in the summer season.


Key West, Florida

This city can get impact of any hurricane by 16% during the hurricane time. Called as Southernmost city, Key West is continuously receiving hurricanes for every 6 years. Florida is located between Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico so it is always open to go through all hurricanes. Additionally Key West is located 18 feet above the sea level so it is more susceptive to receive heavy floods and storms during hurricane season. Even in the past Key West had experienced one of the strongest hurricanes several times that had every hit U.S.


Miami, Florida

Miami located in Florida receives the highest level of hurricane impact of 16%. The city has high population density and as it is located in the southern side, Miami is certainly a large city to receive hurricanes in the upcoming days.

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