Top 5 movies to see in this Year End-Make your weekend fabulous

top 5 movies in 2016

Merry Christmas to everyone.

It is time to ring the jingle bells and the great weekend is begun, serving with the sweet time of Christmas.   So as 2016 is reaching to an end, it is still offering the great movies to watch in the last week of this year. We have prepared a list of the movies that you can try this weekend.

Rogue One- A Star Wars Story

This film shows new type of challenges than other franchise of Star Wars series. Gareth Edwards had taken the huge challenge of directing the movie however some opponents assumed he created section sequences whilst for others it is different.

20th Century Women

This movie follows its theme through a narrator sharing their views to late era of 70s. Three women of different generations help a teenage boy to learn to become a man. Annette Bening, Greta Gerwig and Elle Fanning have a special role in the life of Bening’s son. Abbie would look for Gerwig and Crudup to qualify for Best Supporting Oscars. Dorothea follows Bohemian style and lends room to Abbie who is a photographer. The movie shows the practical life.


Silence is brought by Martin Scorsese, the film is based on missionary work of two Jesuit priests who suffer from prosecution in Japan for the prevalence of Christianity. Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver have done in-depth study on Christian religion and worked out a lot to appear underweight.


Denis Villeneuve’s creation Arrival features Amy Adams who acts as language expert and works on a mission to reveal the language of extraterrestrial species at the time when 12 spaceships are seen exclusively across the earth. When there is a risk of world war, Bank with his team starts a race to get the answers and take a chance that could put her life on risk.

Manchester By The Sea

An Uncle wants come back to home to take care of his nephew after the death of his brother. Without being aware of the fact that he has to be the guardian and struggles with the decision, in the whole film he recalls the memories that caused him to leave Manchester and depart him from the past.

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