Symptoms and Treatment of Dengue fever-Ways to control virus

dengue virus

Dengue is a type of painful fever that is caused by bite of a specific type of mosquito infected with the virus. It doesn’t transmit from one person to another.

Dengue Symptoms

1. Immediate high fever
2. Intense headache
3. Pain in eyes
4. Intense pain in joints and muscles
5. Fatigue
6. Nausea
7. Vomiting
8. Skin redness that continues two to five days after catching fever
9. Slight bleeding in nose

Initial symptoms are mild that can mistaken for other types of viral infection. If not handled properly, the disease may go severe including hemorrhagic fever, rare complicated conditions are high fever, harm to blood vessels and lymph, bleeding from nose and gums, liver size increase and damage to circulation system. The symptoms may grow to become more severe to intense bleeding, shock and death.

Target countries
Dengue cases mostly occur in tropical parts of world with the main countries at the target are- India, Southeast Asia, Southern China, Taiwan, Pacific Islands, Caribbean, Mexico, Africa, Central And South America however not in Chile, Argentina and Paraguay.

Dengue Treatment

However not yet any specific vaccine has been developed to cure the Dengue fever, the most effective way is to protect yourself from the mosquito bites. If infected, immediate testing and supportive cure can potentially decrease the risk of virus growth and you can overcome the Dengue virus.

How to control mosquitoes

An efficient method to decrease mosquitoes is to eliminate the sites where the mosquito flourishes such as open water containers near your home. Clean the outdoor water containers such as pet and animal watering pots, flower dishes and cover the water storage tanks. Discard the still water in and out of your home for example in vases with flowers and clean them weekly.
Well grown mosquitoes tend to bite during day and night in availability of light. You must use mosquito repellent on your skin both while staying indoor and outdoor. Prefer to wear full sleeves and dresses for complete security. It is recommended to have secured windows and doors that are without holes to prevent mosquito invitation.

If any of your family members is infected with dengue virus, you must follow more precautions to prevent mosquitoes from biting the patients and biting others in your home. Get a mosquito bed net and use mosquito spray to kill them if you find indoors.

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