Surgical Strikes- Are we that low to underrate our soldier’s performance

surgical-strikes by India

Since when the Surgical Strike happened across in Pak border, the wave of the India is completely changed. We are eventually getting to see what our citizens are up to and where their mentality actually stands.  

A team of 150 commando goes beyond the border to kill around 40 terrorists and safely comes back

Is it not sufficient to make us feel proud about what a Great country we are living in where the army keeps such level of confidence and strength to conduct such programs?

This program has given a sigh of relief to many of those soldier’s families who have lost their sons during Uri attack. The news papers, news channels and every type of Indian media have eternally celebrated this time. But just after a week, we got to hear something weird that had put a question mark on our dedication for our nation.

Few political leaders are making stupid comments about the strike, it is not that they are favouring Pakistan, but in order to make their stand as an opposition party, such leaders are unable to digest the army’s performance during the rule of other party. Will they always keep in mind that because they belong to an opposition party so they will never appreciate what good things are performed by the other party. This is really hard to believe.

Just because you belong to other party, you can forget the fact that after all you are an Indian. India is first, party is second. I have seen in many cases that our political parties cannot take the courage to stand with the opposition in any case. Opposition means they have to oppose their ventures in any case no matter how good they are working. Personalities like Arvind Kejrivaal and Rahul Gandhi are such hunks who are misusing the liberty of saying anything.

I do not belong to any political party, neither I am a social worker, but the thing here I want to say that I am an Indian. So if anything good is performed by my current government I will always appreciate them. I will not favour any party but.. I will favour in fact appreciate their ventures that are for the sake of goodness of our nation.

So here, I am requesting to every person no matter, a politician, an actor, a general human or anyone to support the good only neither the party. If you keep going good for your country, it means you are a true Indian at first; all the parties and professions come second.

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