Simple and fast house cleaning ideas


It is tough for an employed lady to take care of her home, in fact sometimes she needs help in home work especially on occasional days. Keeping everything on its place and ensuring the cleanliness of every corner in the home is a kind of hectic job. A brief search online will pop out the maid service Mississauga helps in making your life smoother. To get the best work done from your maid, you need to prepare a to-do list.  

Create a plan in your mind that if you have to work on the entire home arrangement, how much time will it take. With this you can get an idea about the time taken by a maid. Arrange your chores to perform the cleaning in an ordered manner that is essential because poor plans can increase the time taken and you may miss any part of your home. If you want to clean the home by yourself, you can do as following:

Start the cleaning task when there is no disturbance even your television is also turned off. It is because the cleaning needs dedication and focus just like any other job, and sort of disturbances can interrupt you in what you are doing.

Clutter hinders your place to get clean. Try to remove the unwanted material from your house that you didn’t need from long and in future.

Use disinfectant in your bathroom and clean it after having a shower. You can clean the tiles and floor that is already heated by the steam. Dark marks on the washbasin and tiles can be cleaned with lemon. It is a good idea to clean the windows in a cloudy weather but not in raining time. If you clean the windows on a sunny day, traces emerge out and cleaning solution dries before you wipe it off. The professional windows cleaners use cold and clean water mixed with vinegar and clean them with newspaper. Wear gloves before doing this to protect your hand.

If you do correctly, cleaning the wooden floors is the easiest task. You need a specific wood cleaning solution and fiber duster. If there are vinyl floors in your home, you need to clean them in such  a manner that they don’t lose their brightness. For this, you can use a solution with neutral ph value. For stone floors they need regular simple cleaning to maintain the cleanliness.

Now come to kitchen cleaning that includes washing utensils. Don’t leave utensils undone in your shank because it unhealthy and it ruins the look of your kitchen. Moreover washing the utensils later needs more efforts. On every weekend clean the refrigerator just by running a wet cloth.

Clean the carpet stains quickly and don’t let them dry. Cleaning the stain becomes easier if you attend it earlier. Apply dish detergent on carpet and clean the stains using duster. Just like other cleaning works furniture cleaning is also an essential task.

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