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The business financing refers to the source through which an aspiring or leading owner receives money to start a new business, buy a pre-established business or get money from an existing small business to finance existing or future business. There are several ways to finance a new or existing business, it has the pros and cons. In the awareness of latest financial crisis, the occurrence of traditional types of small business financing is reduced at the large level. Spontaneously, options of small business financing have come out. 

There have been conventionally two alternatives exist to the emerging or existing businesses seeking to be covered California for small business or franchise and lend funds or sell possession interests in exchange for capital. The key benefit of taking funds to finance a new or established business are general that the borrower will not know anything in how to manage the business and will not include any benefits that business produces. The cons are the payments may be particularly burdening for businesses that are new or already established.

Failure to deliver the needed loan payments will danger forfeiture of capital that promise as protection for the loan. The credit approval process may cause some new or pre-established businesses not eligible for finance or only eligible for wide interest loans or other options that need the promise personal assets as collateral. Besides, the time needed to receive credit endorsement may be imperative.

Wide debt may overcome the business and eventually risks liquidation. For instance, a business that has a large debt burden may be at the risk of liquidation.  The debt sources finance may traditional lenders, friends and family, home equity loans and personal credit cards. The small business owners in United States lend thousands of dollars from friends to initiate their business. The time of a business loan is not consistent and varies from one week to five years and speed of access to funds will depend on the internal process of lender. The private lenders like short term business loans are speedy in turnaround periods and may lie in several cases on the same day as the applications while the turnaround periods in several cases create funds on the same day of submitting applications however the conventional major banks take sufficient time.

The key benefit of selling a possession interest to sponsor a new or pre-established small business is the eternity that uses the equity capital to operate the business instead making large overwhelming loan payments. Additionally, the business and entrepreneurs will generally do not have to repay the investors in the time when a business loses asset or liquefy.   The drawback of equity financing involves: selling an entrepreneur interest, the company will dilute his or her business control. The investors are involved to share the return on investment. The small business financing eventually is beneficial to save it from the risky periods.

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