Nokia Android smartphones E1 and D1C- Get Set and Go


Nokia is all set to release its new Android handset in 2017. As many rumors have been surfaced around this new Android smartphone, it is not sure how many of them are true.   Nokia will land again in the smartphone industry with its Android phones. Till now we have got sneak peak of two phones at MWC 2017 showing midrange and flagship model.

As per rumors, the first model appears like Nokia E1 and second one could be Nokia D1C. The supposed set will be 5.2 inch Android phone that will launch in Feb 2017. It may be an economical phone. Nokia E1 could come with Android 7.0 Nougat and feature 4GB Ram, Snapdragon 600 chipset and 64GB internal memory. The premium phone will include a fingerprint scanner accessible through Home button. From the different handsets released, Nokia D1C may be released in January. Also, it is heard from the rumors that company will show a flagship version Nokia P1 with 23MP rear camera and Carl Zeiss lens.

So, just wait bit more until the smartphone giant would arrive in the market with its new Android phones.  Only two months left to see New Nokia smartphones featured with Android, soon it will be confirmed that how much part of the rumors is true.

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