What a Mastiff dog breeder must tell you about it

bull mastiff dog


This breed is shy, what is confusing is that friendliness, obedience practice and dedication towards owner’s side helps overcome shyness to a level.

These breeds show their nature when startled and cannot be fully reliable.

Mastiffs are usually an inherited trait and the shy parents generally make shy kid. A shy dog becomes aggressive when forced to stay in what it appears is a frightening condition is a very unsafe animal.

A shy nature can take several forms. Many times shy dogs are comfortable with people when carefully introduced however they are always alert of new faces. They fear from few things that can be nominal even like a paper or huge like a car. Mastiffs usually react by barking, running away, falling or hitting. So the English mastiff breeder  must be well aware of his shy nature and know to handle him better.

People often giggle hearing about this shy dog. An average breeder thinks shy pet meaning cute and pleasant like an adorable kid. It is usually seen as good until it attacks.


A common issue with Mastiff is being hostile. Some breeders refer to get aggressive nature in their pets as it shows more alertness in their dogs. Mastiff is not that type of hostile dog, Two Mastiffs with perfect natures who do not know each other hardly bark at each other. They just sniff, play or ignore each other or take rest.

Although, you will observe them at shows where they are kept far from other dogs and breeds. These are the breeds that if bumped or blundered by other dog will hit. Many breeds look for a masculine dog.

Dog aggression will come out if you prevent your male Mastiff to interact with other male pets. Stay quiet and be happy while meeting your male dog to its friends. Allow him to play with other breeds no matter bigger or smaller, set him free for some time. More exposure to other dogs or breeds, more your Mastiff becomes understanding and it will treat other dogs as friends instead opponents.

For a dominant pup, gentle English mastiff breeder will be fine but he needs a strict one to learn manners. You can teach him manners and correct behavior. A dog of any breed can learn manners.

Female Mastiff must get along well with each other. It rarely fights with other dogs. The breeders who keep their pets kennels and do not allow them to play with each other make their dogs aggressive and lonely. They dislike the affection given to their neighbors therefore they turn into fights and deaths of dogs. Instead if they socialize with each other, they would be good buddies.

Hyper Nature

The nature of Mastiffs is usually spoken of as an asset. An active Mastiff is challenging to live with, they are totally excitable and usually treat like they are on fast forward. There is no objection to a happy Mastiff puppy but however a lively attitude can be significant in the breed ring, it is hard to live with. Breeders look positively on Mastiffs that are very active and highly alert in the ring.


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