Life From A Different Perspective: Appreciating The Little Things In Life

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Every year we make several resolutions but many things go beyond our control. As we widen our life’s track for a new set of twists and turns and ups and downs, you may wonder about will this ride be better than the last.  Our economy, ventures, orders, health and future – with a lot of strange things, how happiness can be assured in the coming time?

Meaning of appreciate the little things

Value small things in life include attention on what is delighting, nurturing and consistence in our lives and far from these events that are annoying, provoking or hurting. Practice gratitude for the things that are easy to take for permission or miss altogether. Following this perception won’t stop negative events from occurring, it helps preventing you from over-emphasizing their significance in lives.


Gratitude research is a new and surprising area of study. The wellbeing includes a more optimistic view of one’s life, experiencing a more positive mood, describing a wider tendency to help others and in fact exercise more.

Developing skills in experiencing and showing gratitude help you associate with others. When we appreciate an act of kindness from a significant other or in fact a stranger, we become more fully aware of our association within our community, and the positive view others have for us. Extending these behaviors further strengthen the social bonds that we then keep as a resource to draw on in the required times.

gratitude brings change

Spend a couple of minutes every day to write down the things that you are grateful for. It is an excellent way to appreciate the small things in life and in fact the big things also. Use innovate thinking. Small things such as text from a friend, hearing a joke that makes you laugh loudly, eat delicious food or spend time in nurturing you.

Following this practice for a few weeks may encourage you to spend some more time in writing how this daily habit has changed your view towards life.


How gratitude can improve your life

Gratitude states being thankful, blessings, and noticing simple happiness and receiving anything that you get. Learn to live your life by thinking everything as a miracle and keeping in mind how much you have received. Gratitude turns your attention from the lacks to abundance in life. Moreover, behavioral and mental study has described the stunning enhancements in life that root from the use of gratitude. Being thankful makes you happier and strengthens your relationship and boosts your health as well as alleviates depression.

Gratitude upgrades the quality of your life

An experiment was made on gratitude and its influence on human life. The test included hundreds of people categorized into 3 groups. Participants were told to maintain their daily diaries.

1st group maintained a diary of events that happened in the day time without the need to exactly write about good or bad situations.

2nd group maintained the time of their bad experiences

3rd group made a daily list of the achievements that they were thankful.

The outcomes showed that daily thankfulness resulted into higher level of consciousness, dedication, passion, positivism and energy. Moreover, groups that showed gratitude, experienced less anxiety and stress and were more interested to help others, worked out regularly and achieved growth in daily meeting the personal goals.

Gratitude increases happiness

It shows that practicing gratitude certainly increases happiness. It is valuable among other matters, as there is a particular weight that feels natural to your body and that you endeavor to maintain the basic happiness. If something happens that is not good for you, you become worried for some time and then comes back to its natural level. Similarly, happening of positive things, increases your pleasure and then again it returns to its normal level. Gratitude improves your happiness level so you can stand at the higher level of pleasure irrespective of the external conditions.

People who practice thankfulness are more innovative, handle adversity in much better way, possess stronger immunity and have more firm social connections that those who avoid gratitude. Simply saying that we are grateful is not to say that everything happening in our life is certainly good, but it means we know our achievements.

Appreciate day to day achievements

People usually ignore the good that is already available in their lives. Practicing gratitude states that you should imagine the loss of things that you have such as your house, your hearing and seeing capability, your ability to walk or anything that makes your life comfortable. Then visualize receiving these things again gradually.  Then focus on how grateful you can be for all things. Moreover, you need to find the joy in little things rather waiting for the big successes like getting promotion, marriage, kid, and more, feel gratitude and happiness for everything.

Gratitude is also a way to give thanks to admire life more to place things in their suitable position. When the situations are not under your control, remember that each problem takes within it the seeds of more prosperity. In the different situations, ask yourself, the good things about them and what can you learn from them and how they can be advantageous for you?

Ways to use gratitude

  1. A common way to practice gratitude is to maintain a diary. Write down daily a list of things for which you are thankful, you can start it in morning or evening.
  2. Another way is to write a thankful letter to an individual who have put a positive influence on you but you could not thank him or her properly at that time. You can also meet this person and read a letter in front of them for them.
  3. Use wristband to create a gratitude grace bracelet with a valuable grace or various charms showing the things for which you are fully thankful.

As soon as you aim at finding the things to be thankful for, you will realize that you are appreciating small happiness and the things that were ignored earlier. Gratitude should not be a reaction only in fact it must be a type where you enjoy the small things and consistently observe good even in bad times.

Connection of positive behavior with your mental health

Positive sentiments have been described to be connected to a healthy mind. People who keep positive emotions live longer and enjoy strong immunity and recover faster from the heart problems. It is not simply our physical spirit that is improved by the positive vibes, it is also related with psychological character. When we have positive emotions, we also think and behave more creatively and flexibly than when we are surrounded by negative thoughts.

Extending the way of thinking and behavior develops resources that can be used in the tough times. It is shown in several studies that resilient people experience positive vibes that are used to deal with tough situations. There are several things to do to improve and increase the flow of positive vibes in us. Learning the way to appreciate the small things in life is certainly a good practice.

Easily say – you cannot

Although, in your small house –world of dust bunnies, freezer burn, smell and doggie bags, several things are there that you control every day that create an impact on the well- being of not just you but your whole family.

Rather resolving the lost, make a list of a couple of small and manageable things that you can perfectly handle every day. Sometimes the little things are all to make the difference.

Sure to start with adequate sleep, drink a lot of water. There are few unanticipated goals that may be the secret of real happiness.

  1. Put on cozy clothes

Have you gone through the days when your clothes are not comfortable? You take time when no one is looking to correct them. The constant adds a subtle undertone of inconvenience to your day, making you irritable.

It may not be a big matter, but when you are frustrated, you may snap at your owner and then he fires you. When you are fired, you are broken and ultimately you are not happy. This is how it works?

Wear comfortable clothes if you want to have a good time.

  1. Proper digestion

Have you ever gone through times when your metabolism is not fine? Does your digestion system problem recur? Let’s see it, you feel full, heavy and bloated. When you are not well, you become anxious. When you are anxious, you shout at others if they interrupt you. When you shout on others, they stop to give you attention. Ultimately, you lose your happiness.

Eat healthy foods, drink coffee and do everything that convinces your rear regions to declare a truce. Success in achieving digestive maintenance; you will face the challenges with a cheerful mood. During sickness, none of us will break out or get in jail for year.

Celebrate the small things

We are normally good in symbolizing the big times in our own and others lives – birthdays, graduation complete, family or friends reunions and wedding. Similarly, we can allow ourselves to enjoy the small things also. The way and choice of celebration depends on what is important to you.

A few good ideas are:

  1. Keep some gold stars in your desk and give one to your junior or colleague when they accomplish a challenge or learn new skills.
  2. When the weather is clean and sky is bright, go out with a friend or spouse to enjoy good weather.
  3. Nourish yourself after handling a tough job like watching a movie or do something your favorite.

Take a pause and value it

It typically describes to take time to smell roses. Following are the ideas to get more positive emotions when you are going through an uplifting event:

  1. Try and carry a reminder of an experience to cherish your memory afterwards
  2. Create a positive experience as much as you can. Use your senses and observe the details.
  3. Share your experience with others as it occurs or by recalling.

Your view about life is a direct image of how much you love being yourself

A person wrote a post that was kept on hold for a few months. After the time of several months passed on, an editor responded him saying how happy she was having this post and it would air in the next week.

Without thinking about it for some time, he evaluates her edits and reads the post again. When he read what he wrote, he was totally stunned at how great it was done. He surprised at his own writing skills and recalled the times when he was nervous to send it. Then, getting no response from the editor made him even more worried. But after a long time, he could see that live and realized that he was a skilled writer.

Sometimes you need to cover extra mile to see what really it is. It is the garden full of flowers. The same is valid when it is about to see ourselves. The time comes when you need to observe the things from some distance to see how they really are.

Become patient

It is certainly the answer to everything. Any kind of problem can be solved by patience. Nowadays ego is usually a part of human nature that avoids you to take risks and see yourself for the star that you are. It pulls you from climbing the rock because if you fail, it would look awkward.

It is not horrible at all as it seems. But just in case if you want to sit down and wait for the answer. It can be hard to hear the disapprovals from other people, irrespective of being helpful, in few cases, we become uncomfortable to compliments, but it is in fact worse staying far from to try and waiting for it. Your self-esteem simply wants to move into other direction.

Being patient, you can make it less about yourself and more about the efforts that are not about you ultimately. It enables you to understand that they are simply creations that have occurred through your body and arteries. Practicing patience, you can visualize the things for what they are actually and appreciate them with distance. It also makes criticism totally easier.

helping hand

Help people

When you are working, it actually allows you to perceive your life. It is about a change in perspective. For example, feeding homeless people realizes you that how lucky you are, you have got a roof over your head and take a nap on the couch when you ate too much. Life is beautiful and simple.

However this doesn’t simply happen with major gestures. It is about the small things as well.

When we help someone no matter in big or small level, it gives us a chance to go beyond ourselves for a moment and understand the big scene. When we become able to do this, we get to see our role in it more clearly and appreciate that ultimately us more.

Understand others’ opinions

Similar to helping people, observe a different side of a story to help you see yourself more clearly.  I remember a scene, when I was a kid I speak about suicide with a best friend. I literally left terrible when she told that probably that soul was not prepared for this world. Rather denying her fact, I was stunned by how it had never happened to me. Then after sometime, I eventually received an opportunity to observe myself from a different side. Was I concerned about me and allowed myself to be different or even have challenging options?

I am being thankful for myself for what I couldn’t have done earlier. But rather seeing myself in a different light, it also showed more sensation about something and that was fine.

Actually, it described that it is essential to appreciate all sides of you to let you feel more complete and free.

We can take the advantage of listening to others and adopting their opinions. In case we do not agree, it at least offers a chance to image that we are honoring our all parts. This is literally a blessing.

Live the present

It may seem like an opposition initially. If you live in the moment, in your body, how can you see yourself more evidently on this planet? How exactly will you go farther? I realized although that when I am actually present with what I am doing and in my body that I am much more linked to the world and people around me than when I am multitasking.

For example, one day I was listening to a class and trying to do some home enhancement at the same time. I was trying to hang on the wall and feeling bad for myself. Now I had to stop and fix everything and repeat the part of the class I missed. I was fully surprised in my own world that I couldn’t observe I was getting in my own way.

I was travelling across the yard and trying to be in the time. When I found that I need to water the trees and flowers, I stopped by. I could see what was around me and able to make better decisions.

When we are not here, we are like autopilot. We make options without even finding that we are affecting our futures. If you try to live in present, you become able to observe the options you are about to make and slow them. It helps you observe yourself in the different manner.

Autopilot keeps you in the fast mode level- Is it really what your body wishes or are you choosing what has been put in front of me. This mindless judgment you have made about someone in line at a coffee shop. Is this eventually showing your feeling or are you masking emotions such as jealousy or anger?

Most of us face with observing things from a different point of view. Most of us really need to observe ourselves in a new light or give ourselves positive feedback.

Daily, we find innumerable things

It is very easy for people to get swept up in the wide scheme of things and ignore to consider the minor things. Modern society is always driving us to look forward, ignore the small things and aim on to the big picture. Somehow we require learning to pay attention to the small things as when to put in scene, they develop over the time and finally come to describe us.

The reasons to pay attention to the small things are:

  • Little things keep us away from stress by the poor material.

When you miss your bus, lose keys, separate from your lover or have a poor hairstyle, considering the small positive things in life helps you turn your focus away from the negative matter.

Take some time to complement the things that you may actually ignore. Learning beauty in the small things will offer you a new perception and help positively outweigh negativity in your life.

  • Learn important life lessons

The small things in your life will show your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses and your requirements and desires. If you focus on them, you learn a lot about yourself and how the things work. Then you can implement what you have learned to work toward the major matters.

  • Strengthen connections

When we are talking about our beloved ones, friends, family and customers, it is impossible to describe that you care in a big and excessive way. Major things do once in a while but the small things keep our relationships active on daily basis.

It is about valuing the things such as mother packs a note with her kid’s school lunch, son comes home to meet his elder parents.

These are not stunning as wow moments; however they are the type of small things that will run long in any relationship.

  • They create the most important times

When fully valued, small things in our lives can be fully meaningful and significant. Think about the small things in your life that offer you that warm feeling of happiness, such as seeing your beloved smile and enjoying mommy’s cooking. These times can’t exactly be expressed as epic, however they are valuable and they require your attention.

  • Small things lead to bigger things

It doesn’t happen daily that you get your dream job or go on an adventurous trip, but these epic moments in life are the results of several small things.

Your marriage is a result of several little moments of fun and love and your job is the outcome of several moments of working hard and giving up.

happy life

Life is a journey

So cherish your journey and consider the little things in life that will decide your goal.

You may often get side-followed by big things like bills, dues, future etc. It can really be stressful. Sometimes giving attention to the small things helps you forget the terrible things for some time and live in the present.

 Quick reminders about the things that you should value because life is very short and unpredictable

Calm and conscious today- Take care of your present, your future will ultimately be prepared. Memories of good and bad make you cry. Photographs cannot replace the presence in that day. Words can never perfectly state the feelings. Still it is fine. Pain is real and but there is always hope. You need to establish peace in your past and keep your present far from the future battles.

Good in everything: To kill stress, don’t think about the same thing. Specialize your mind to observe good things in everything that happens. Life is beautiful. Experience the wind through trees, kids learning to walk and their smiling faces.

Wonders in life: Enjoy being surprised in your life. Because it is just opposite to what you have expected, doesn’t mean that it is not all what you wanted. So hold on when you are refused from something. It means you are led to something much better. Keep your thinking positive and keep moving.

Challenges: In several cases, complications are exactly what we are looking for. An everlasting smooth life will bore you. In this case you cannot be as strong as you can be. So take every chance to not to regret later. Change yourself and grow to become yourself. Your efforts will create your story.

Be yourself: You are a unique creation of god. Enjoy it. Don’t hide your characteristic. Don’t be someone than being you. Follow your dreams, start the struggle and choose a path to achieve your goals. You have come on earth for some reason, own it.

Ideas and ventures that you love- Keep trying something that you love to do. When you make efforts from heart, it definitely pays. Success comes to those who are passionate in their ventures. The life is all about it. You should be happy. You have a right to live in the way you want.

Freedom and excitement of weakness- Being weak is helpful to you and others. It makes you bigger and more open about you. Let yourself to sense and be real. Remove any walls that you have made around you and every type of emotion either, good or bad. In this way you can better greet the new opportunities.

Internal beauty: If you were burning inside, your magnificence lives in your skin. Beauty doesn’t show in your face, in fact it is a light in heart and soul. Everything will be arranged ideally when identifying and experiencing the truth about you. It becomes more significant than looking good from the outside.

Give and don’t wait for return: It is always better to give than to take. The capacity to give means you have a wealthy mindset. A desire to give describes your care. There is nothing stronger than it.

Sense of doing the right : There are several good things on this earth and it is significant to consider them and stand for. So always take a chance to find and do right, don’t just go after easy things. Make the change you want to see.

Love: Love is a standard of life. Love from your heart and without any boundaries. Love or kindness never wastes, no matter big or small. Love stands in the long race. So if you trust your love, you trust your life.

People around you for being themselves: If you want to love people, don’t judge them. So respect people for their character and nature and not for who you want them to become. Love and respect for those around you allow them to be themselves, if you desire to become a part of their life or not.

Duality of life: Feel life in all feasible ways- good and bad, sweet or bitter, bright and gloomy, cold and warm. Feel the double sides of life. Don’t scare of trying new thing, getting new experiences allow you to live truly and understand the things more clearly and to see how beautiful they are.

The complete truth:  Know the truth and handle it instead being reassured by a lie. You may see the things how they are rather how you expected, wished or needed to be. Sometimes it is tough to accept the truth when the lies were necessarily what you needed to know, so be strong. Life is very small to live a lie.

Your self-respect: Stay alone with self-esteem than in a connection that stably needs you to sacrifice your happiness and self- respect. When you allow someone to hurt you repeatedly, you are telling them that they are more important to you than yourself and dignity. You should take a stand and wish to separate ways with people whom you know you have given several opportunities. But letting go can result into big pain, it may be important medicine, offering the best life in the long term.

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