What you should know about Fox Terrier Dog breed

fox-terrier dog breed

Fox Terrier breeders are well aware of these unmatchable and brave dog breeds. They never run away from challenges and do the most challenging for themselves too. They are highly prey and very fast so they can even catch the little species too. They have the vision and acute hearing capacity and can be counted on to sound the alert when anything is wrong. They also become alert when even everything is alright but might be something go wrong in the future. 

fox-terrier temperament

They love to tunnel and dig and are possessive for their food and toys.

A Fox terrier breeder must be aware of the following facts of his nature:

Active: The terrier breeds are very much similar. The consecutively used words are fast to bark, chase, lively, bossy, lively, scrappy, clever, independent, stubborn, persistent, reckless and strong. Sleek and Wirehaired Fox Terriers are active go-getters. They should be offered consistent opportunities to use their energy and brain to do interesting things.

Aggression: Fox Terriers are strong-minded breed to consider with if they decide to start or accept a challenge to fight. The terriers have powerful instincts to follow and seize flying species. If you own a pet cat or, Terrier may clash with it. The things may become more complicated if a rabbit or hamster are present in your home.

Fence Security: Most of Miniature Fox Terriers are clever enough to go above or under fences for play. Even a small size can also handle crossing higher fences so you should keep them much higher than expected. Put the best quality locks on your gates.

Barking: Breeders should be much quick to stop alarms in the new places because of very high sensitivity of Fox Terriers towards sound. Don’t leave them out in the yard without your supervision. Some terriers may bark very loudly to any sound to spoil your sleep.

Training: Terriers easily adept to training, training should begin in the early age to avoid them assuming themselves as the world leaders. This breed can be stubborn and dominant, providing that they are able to do many things. Control their speed by absolute consistency.

Security: If you require to physically discipline a terrier and go beyond what they trust is a perfect correction, smooth terriers are a type to bark or break.

As an obedience instructor, I’m always extra careful when putting my hands on any terrier for a correction.

Shedding: Smooth Fox Terrier dog breeds shed much more than you should think. Their small hairs may come in your hands when you pet them and stick unlikely to your clothes and carpet.

Grooming: Brush them regularly to keep your Terriers coat straight and also clip and trim them after a couple of months. Don’t expect your pet Fox Terrier to appear like the dogs that you have seen in the books or on TV. To give him the best look, Fox terrier breeder needs to spend several hours in their grooming.

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