What you should know about Coca-Cola- Hidden and interesting facts

You have seen Coca Cola served in worldwide restaurants, stores and bars as a rejuvenating drink.

It is made by Coca Cola company that was invented by a pharmacist John Pemberton. Actually the company only makes Coca Cola concentrate that is the sold to bottling companies which mix the concentrate with water and sweeteners and then distribute it to stores.

A lot about the business success has been already shown in movies but the originality is hidden.

  1. First step is to mix the ingredients
  2. A secret syrup received from central mixing plant is diluted with water
  3. Sweetener is added, liquid and sweet and still liquid is directed to production lines

Daily more than 3 million aluminum cans are used in the factory that first are filled with an ionized air to ultra clean and prepare for filling. Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas provides effervescence to carbonated beverages. The syrup gas is dissolved by using a high pressure carbonation machine, the cans are cooled to 5oC to prevent the gas coming out. Then the cans are prepared to send to suppliers for sale.

Hidden facts of Coca Cola

  • Presence of Cocaine– Coca-Cola has made a deal with drug enforcement agency to import Coca leaves from Peru in large quantities.
  • Medicine– Coca Cola was originally made to serve as a medicine to treat headaches and impotence.

  • Banned only in Two countries– North Korea and Cuba are the countries where Coca Cola is not available.
  • Bug Repellent – If mosquitoes are disturbing you, just open the Coke can on your dining table. It is not only human who loves this drink but also mosquitoes, flies, bees and everything else. Remember not to drink that can after giving party to bugs.
  • Treat Nausea– If you are suffering from stomach problems, little sips of Coca-Cola really work and prevent the pain due to upset stomach

  • Cure Asthma –Coke tastes very good. Caffeine opens the airways when an asthma patient wheezes or has trouble breathing.
  • Cannot be recreated– Coca-Cola recipe is a top world secret. It cannot be recreated easily.
  • Coca Cola cares- Coca Cola foundation supports Women, water and humanity by donating several millions across the world.

  • Other Products- Besides of Coca cola, the company also produces juices, teas and flavored water.
  • Alcohol may or may not be present­ -Although Coke comes in the category of non-alcoholic soft drinks, but a study said that Coke has 0.001% alcohol per liter. Alcohol could possibly be derived from its secret ingredient but alcohol is not separately added as an ingredient, neither fermentation process is followed.

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