How to take care of your Miniature schnauzer puppy?

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 Miniature schnauzer breed care and grooming

Miniature Schnauzer is known for his unique, handsome look having double hard coat that is wiry from the outside and soft inside.

The coat colors are black, silver, pepper etc. Besides of his small stature, Miniature Schnauzer becomes an alarm just like a big dog. It has naturally security instincts that make him an outstanding watchdog.

Is Miniature schnauzer perfect for you?

Smart and cheerful dog, this little breed learns very quickly in small homes to large royal houses to move around. Their double coat needs hand stripping for the ring or clipping , however they nominally shed.

How to care Miniature Schnauzer


The bathing frequency is based on the lifestyle of your pet. Weekly bathing is sufficient if your pet’s age is below six weeks. Regular bathing is important for clean skin and coat and for good hygiene. Pet grooming is one of the foundations of maintaining your good hygiene. Choosing the right products to match your skin and coat is important to attain the great results.

Prior bathing Miniature Schnauzer, it is a good option to clean the whole body of dog with a great power dryer to loosen debris and dander from the skin. Card the coat and hand stripping prior the bath. If your pet has mats, this is the time to loosen them away from the skin. As soon as you have chosen the great products for your dog, it is a bath time.

The Miniature Schnauzer is a double coated breed with wiry topcoat and soft undercoat. To maintain the coarse, wiry texture and vibrant color, the coat is maintained by hand stripping and rolling it every week. It is essential for a pet to be hand stripped to enter the ring.

The Miniature schnauzer breeder cards the dog with suitable carding tools and a stone, its color must not fade extremely, it is the best way to retain a good looking dog without the time commitment and cost of hand stripping the coat.

General health care

Prep work includes ear cleaning, nail trimming, pad trimming, anal gland cleaning and adequate dental hygiene. Care should be taken every grooming and bathing selection. The dog’s ears should be checked and cleaned. Their hairs should be pulled from the ear canal. Adequate nail care is essential, unnecessary long nails create health problems and make it harder to clean the foot.

With trimmed pads the foot remains in good shape on various surfaces and can decrease the magnitude of dirt the dog spreads into the home. It also creates a chance to improve the paws from cracks and abrasions. Few pet owners recommend to their veterinarian express the anal glands instead their pet stylist. Good teeth are also important for a healthy pet.
Nutritional care

  1. To maintain the skin health and coat and overall health, it is essential to offer good nutrition to your pet by diet, vitamins and health treats.
  2. For adequate health, the chicken flavored supplement offers important minerals and vitamins to your pet.
  3. Skin and coat soft chews maintain the balance for healthy skin.

Salmon oil improves the skin and coat while increasing immune system and joints.

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