Helpful tips on making your kids withstand their Pet’s Death

Loss of a pet is a terrible experience for your kid. For many children, pets are more than just animals and they treat their pets like siblings or best friends.  

When a pet dies, such kids still remember the loss and find it hard to tolerate the death. Children do not always cry or quickly show emotion, however it doesn’t mean that they are not affected by the loss.
But you can help them overcome the grievance by considering these special ways.

a. If an animal is terminally ill, parents can talk about the potential loss and feeling of sadness it will create
b. Children may show their sadness through play. For example after a pet death, they may treat like a stuffed dog or cat got sick and died. Parents can help their kids in the grieving process by participating in this virtual play.

c. Reading books of pets death is also helpful for example Goodbye Brecken, Memories of You etc.
d. When your kid has questions about pet’s death and opens discussion about love, loss and what happens after the death, you should speak honestly and talk about the painful feeling.

e. Give attention to your kid if he has nightmares, is more anxious or suffers from disturbed sleeping. If the symptoms last, contact psychologist.
f. If your kid asks about details of pet’s death, it means he wants to discuss this topic and need your comfort.
g. It is significant to have a farewell ritual to recognize someone’s life but these processes are not socially recognized for animal death. You can create your own rituals for example having a little memorial service, planting a memorial tree or prepare a photo album.

So in this way you can help your kids cope with the loss of their pet and honor its role in your family.

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