Do you know what your handsome Ji Chang Wook is doing after “The K2”

Ji chang wook first seven kisses

After enjoying the success of The K2 popular Korean star Ji Chang Wook is all set to work in his new drama The Happiest Time in My Life whose production will commence in March 2017.   We have only got Wook as a confirmed actor in the new drama.

The Happiest Time in My Life

The Happiest Time in My Life will be the last drama for Wook as in the next year he has to join the military service.  In the upcoming drama, he will have the lead role and the drama will be fully produced before its airing. According to rumors, it is a melodrama considering the writing instincts of Choi Ho-chul, the director of The Happiest Time in My Life, his dramas are known for great entertainment and twists that bind you up to the end.

Two birds dating – Ji Chang Wook and Yoona

Ji chang wook and yoona The K2

After showing their hot chemistry in The K2, the pair Ji Chang Wook and Yoona is targeted for dating and to become the real life couple. But Wook has finally spoken about it to put down the rumors. Although the drama have seen finale on November 12, still the news about duo dating has not come to the rest.

The K2 has shown an incredibly hot chemistry between them which is the reason that fans couldn’t believe that they are not dating in the real life. Ji Chang Wook clearly told about dating,” The dating rumors with Yoona are not true”. He said that his extreme efforts to make his acting natural are again misunderstood by the show viewers. He smiled. The actor further said, hard work pays when is done in a cozy environment. He said he will enlist in military as soon as the New Year begins, so it won’t be good for him to begin any relationship as of now.

7 First Kisses

If you watch Korean dramas, then you will surely like this upcoming drama 7 First Kisses which will feature many popular stars including Ji Chang Wook, Lee MinHo, Lee Jong Suk, Taecyeon, Kai, Park Hae Jin, Lee Choi-Hee, Lee Joon-Gi, the official trailer of this drama is already released.

So, here is the trailer

Meanwhile when other actors are in romantic mode, Ji Chang Wook is in action mode. He was slightly disappointed with this. He said, it includes slight nudity but it is really nominal. Seven First Kisses will release on Jan 5, 2017.

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