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In this shorthand guide you’ll learn to use the protein powders in the best way. Since, the protein powders are highly in vogue to make the body healthy which is actually, 100% true.   There is a significant role of protein powders in obtaining the healthy and strong body as they strengthen the muscles and play a vital role in the muscle building as well as burning the fats accumulated in the body.

If you are a hard worker, you may be surprised by hearing that without the consumption of sufficient protein powder, you can not obtain an essential strength inside your body. However, with an increased marketing of various kinds of protein powder supplements and the manufacturer warranty, you may be confused with which type of protein you should opt with and how much quantity of it should be consumed.

Today, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of the protein powder supplements and this guide will help you to turn your skinny body into healthy and strong body.

Basic Introduction on Protein Powder

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At an initial stage, you must have a basic knowledge on the protein powder to get the answers of your queries on how to get a healthy body with strong muscles. You may want to know the necessity of protein powder and its effects. How much it should be consumed so that you can digest it easily and which type of powder is best for your body. However, this guide will not explain the scientific reactions behind the actions of protein powders but it will definitely explain their physical effects. After learning this guide you may surprise your colleagues or friends when you’ll choose the suitable nutrition supplement next time. And, this time you wouldn’t need to spend much time to decide which protein powder is the best for you and you don’t need to explore the whole store.

Role of Protein

Protein is responsible for muscle recovery. You may be familiar with the two kinds of actions occur in the body during the workouts either the muscles consume the fat or they damage. The continuous flow of Proteins in the body ensures the maintenance of Nitrogen which ultimately ensures the proper muscle repair required by the body.  As soon as the muscles are repaired the body feels recovered. On the opposite side less consumption of protein slows down the repair rate of muscles. Therefore the body needs additional amount of proteins apart of food.

Necessity of protein powder supplements 

First of all, the protein powder must be considered as a supplement, not the main course of your food. Basically you should be concentrated on your diet and an additional diet can be your protein powder. If your diet includes more than 200gm of protein per day, using protein powder can help you digest it better.

The main source of protein diet can be meat, fish, eggs, soya and all types of pulses. Basically, there are two kinds of Protein sources: complete and partial Protein sources. As we know that Protein is made up of amino acids so the food obtained from the animals is the complete source of protein. The partial sources of protein are vegetables consist of fewer amounts of amino acids. However the amount of amino acid varies with the foods.

However, if you consider the protein powder as the main source of protein, it can be a budgetary option for you, but don’t do it. Never replace your food with anything else. Taking the complete diet means consumption of all essential nutrients required by your body that you can not get from the mere powder box.

But, the diet can never be the complete source of protein required by your body. If you only and only concentrate on the diet to get enough protein, then you may need to eat more than five times a day. It will complete the protein requirement of your body but, you will also get other nutrients which your body may not require in excessive amount. For example: Fat. It may result in excessive fat accumulation in the body. So, to obtain the muscle building rate up to desired level, you need consumption limit of the main less than 45%.

From the above discussion we understand that there are different levels of requirements of main diet and protein supplement to our body to maintain the nutritive stability and get the essential muscle strength. So, the meal shouldn’t be replaced with any course and intake of protein supplements should never be ignored.

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Pros of Protein Powder

Most of the people may be confused about functions of Protein powders and the muscle building process accelerated by them. So if you wonder that is it really possible to build more muscles with the help of protein powder supplement. Yes! You’ll get it definitely.

Since protein is the vital nutrient composed of the amino acids which are responsible for several functions occurred inside our body and offer the strong muscles if you do enough exercise and take enough diet. Protein is the main ingredient in the formation of red blood corpuscles and enhances the immunity. It is responsible to produce hair, nails on the fingers and keeps the skin rejuvenated.

But, all protein powders are not made in the same way using the same ingredients. There are many powders consist of unknown elements like saccharin and fructose and preservatives. You may surprise hearing that there are protein powders which cause unwanted results. If a protein powder is not made of organic elements but has the artificial composition like chemicals to give the best taste and look, it is not going to develop the muscles all over.

Don’t choose the Protein boxes consist of carbohydrate extracts like sucrose or fructose. Always choose the products from the familiar manufacturers if you are really serious to get the healthy body. But, unluckily there are several supplement providers who are in the race of meeting largest customer needs and produce unhealthy products which are cost effective and easy to make. In such case, you need to work precisely to find the reliable manufacturer by exploring the world of popular protein powder manufacturers. Read the customer review and find the record performance of such companies. Then decide to choose the most suitable product.

All good protein products are not tasty

Earlier experience from the protein powder consumers says that the powder is easily soluble and tastes good. Yes! It is true that realistic protein products are quick soluble but they might not be tasty. It is the main sign to find the realistic protein supplement. So you have to give up your taste ultimately to get attractive body.  In fact, if the entire sweet ingredients are excluded from the product, the resulted item is tasteless.

Amount of Protein Powder should be consumed?

Once the suitable Protein powder supplement is found, now you would have a query that how much it should be consumed to get the healthy results.

It is worth to mention here that Protein is an essential ingredient of the diet that you should intake several times a day such as 1-1.5gm of protein for each pound of body weight. Simply if your weight is 140 pounds with 10% fat present in it, you should take about 126gm of protein on daily basis.

I feel it important to state that you should take Protein shake before start work, during work and after work. It is the time when a liquid drink gives more benefits to the body instead of food because now your body absorbs nutrients quickly.

Below is the little description of your standard diet for daily routine if you are eager to get good health:

  • Take complete food during breakfast
  • Protein drink in the mid morning
  • Complete food once again during lunch
  • Complete food in mid afternoon
  • Protein drink before and after exercise
  • Complete food during dinner
  • Complete food before you go to bed

Suitable types of Protein Supplements

Prior to step out in deciding the essential Protein product for you, it is important to have a look on the huge series of protein powders available in the market. Let’s have a look below:

SOY Protein

Soy Protein is the very divisive protein kind. It is an excellent food that introduces wondering effects. However there are several studies made on the performance of SOY Protein which state that it may have an opposing nature in different cases. Overall, what you understand is that you should not choose the SOY Protein and move ahead to find other proteins provided in this prospectus.

CASEIN Protein

CASEIN Protein is considered as a real form of amino acids. It digests slowly and introduces several types of peptides. It shouldn’t be consumed during physical work because the dissolution rate of this protein into blood is quite low. In such situation, you need to get a quick dissolving protein. So, CASEIN protein can be used in other times except during workout.

WHEY Protein

WHEY Protein is an actual protein for the workout drink. It is another superior form of amino acids, dissolves in the blood quickly, contains a huge amount of cystein and introduces several types of peptides. Because of its special quick dissolution character, it is the must drink to consume before, during and after physical work. It offers the protein drink that can be selected in the time when the body needs greatest power.

Combination of Protein

What is the requirement of protein combinations? There are kinds of proteins with different rates of dissolution. If you select proteins in a certain combination it covers the entire Protein necessities of your body. For example the combination drink of WHEY Protein and CASEIN Protein can be considered during any moment of the day excluding the time of workout.

Do you know a surprising factor about Proteins? The body absorbs the hydrolyzed proteins quicker than the dry protein. Moreover the hydrolyzed proteins are stronger as compare to simple protein. Hydrolyzed proteins also known as Peptides are prepared by less heat and less acid presence and with negligible action of enzyme. However the resulted protein is a high potential product becomes an advantageous drink during the workout hours.

Difference between the Whey Protein and Whey isolate

 The Whey Protein powder primarily consists of concentrated whey blend with the whey isolate. Actually Whey isolate is costlier than the whey concentrate since it is a high quality protein with more concentration of BV. Also Whey isolate protein consists of less fat and more proteins so it serves your health purpose more. There is 95-98% actual protein present in the WHEY protein isolate howeveronly 75-85% protein is present in the Whet concentrate. Hence, Whey isolate offers the largest amount of protein. Additionally, it dissolves quickly in the bloodstream and due to high protein content, it is considered as the dominating protein over the Whey concentrate. But, only because it is a pure protein content it is costlier than whey concentrate doesn’t seem to be very helpful in the muscle generation.

Final Choice

As discussed above, to get the greatest advantages from the whey protein powder during the workouts, the hydrolyzed Whey protein must be paired with the Whey isolate. It is because, this combination is very important for bigger muscle-building. If you add the whey concentrate only in the little part, it can be an advantage. But remember, whey concentrate should not be the primary element of your protein product.

So if you dream to have the fine size muscles to show your full strength and make sure the quick muscle recovery, choose the combination or can say blend protein powder.


Finally, this guide would have solved your queries and doubts to choose the best protein powder supplements and now you are capable to make the decision wisely. Never be caught up by the alluring ads of the manufacturers but, become a wise and expert consumer.

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