How to fix bad morning breath easily

poor mouth smell

You wake up and murmur Hey across the pillow and She recoils from the burst of your bad breath. Bad morning breath totally spoils a sleepover. But what is the reason behind it?  Your brushed your teeth before bed and even don’t have a gastric problem. Then why does your mouth smell like a hot trash? Following are the tips or can say bad breath home remedies that can help you fix this problem fast. But first understand the reason of why this happens?

Causes of bad breath

    • Some foods cause poor breath such as garlic and onions. Stomach reflux is also responsible. Additionally severe liver or kidney ailments, infections in tonsils, sinuses and respiratory track also cause bad breath.
    • The major cause of poor mouth odor in morning are bacteria that grows in your mouth. A straight fact to understand is bacteria also survives on food. They find food in our tongue, gum and throat and also the spaces between teeth. During food decomposition by bacteria, bad smelling gases are released that cause poor mouth breath.
    • Bad dental state increases plaque which is a favorite spot of bacterial. Gum diseases and structures supporting the teeth may invite bacteria.

Tips to cure bad breathing

Brush, rinse and floss well before leaving to bed

You might be brushing your teeth but only for a few seconds. The food particles left behind attract bacteria who eat the remainder and leave rotten egg stench when you wake up. It causes bad breath by production of volatile sulfur compounds through anaerobic respiration. So make sure to thoroughly brush, floss and is possible use an antiseptic rinse as bad breath treatment to discard any remaining crumb.

Do not breath through mouth

Saliva is a crucial factor. It contains high oxygen that kills germs and decomposes food particles and removes it from your mouth when you swallow. But when you fall asleep, saliva production reduces. Additionally if you are breathing through your mouth, it creates a dry area in your mouth where bacteria flourish. So try to sleep on your side or stomach or use a decongestant. Breathing through nose while asleep gives a better morning experience.

Quit Alcohol

To fix mouth dryness, use mouthwash but it should not be an alcoholic one because alcohol draws out water. Use alcohol free mouthwash. Don’t rinse mouth with vodka even.

Control acid

Bacteria also grows on acidic place.  Try gargle with baking soda that is easily available in various dental shops. It can reduce acidity level and cure the bad breath.

Clear your tongue

Not just brush your teeth but also brush your tongue. A tongue consists of several surfaces that can accumulate food particles. So in morning brushing your tongue is a great way to fix the night problems.

Saliva is the king

Brush, floss and rinse clean your mouth odor. When you eat something, saliva increases. It is like a tap to clean the drain. Eat fruits and vegetables that maintain the saliva flow and thoroughly clean teeth.

In this way you can cure bad breath permanently.

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