Fast and Furious 8′ news: Newest edition is all set in New York City

fast and furious 8 cast

Vin Diesel has legally declared the setting of Fast and Furious 8 in the New York City in a show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. So if you didn’t know that where the latest version is set, it is New York City. The actor states that the new edition is completely based on an article that is published in Vibe magazine describing the street races in the city however the movie is decided to be produced in LA by the directors.

Definitely this is not a complete information as Diesel cannot reveal the entire information just in one go. He gave a hint that the film will be produced in the New York City but it is yet to be confirmed. Each factor discussed during an interview is stated following:

Presently there is a lot of drama behind the scenes of Fast and Furious 8. The 8th version is totally crazy throughout the action series that will be separate from the other parts, it was only after the completion of its 7th version when the series is going to be life dependent. So this is a good news for fans.  So can we literally trust that it will happen in the York City? If yes, then it is definitely an excellent and firm news.

Vin Diesel who is a bright, mutter and lovely personality on which the complete series is based, was recently seen in The Tonight Show to for the promotion of his latest movie- The Last Witch Hunter. And, at the moment when the discussion turned to his upcoming projects, he was asked for the next version of Fast and Furious series. He replied, definitely New York with smile. The way he took the name of the city has given the confirmation for the production place. Because Diesel is the main picture star, so if he calls the name of New York City then we must trust his words.

Considering the series root around the world from London to Dubai it was expected that the new edition will be created in the East Coast. As there are numerous automobiles waiting to be smashed in the vigorous car races. Fast and Furious series is not liable to overlook any major city. The sprawling highways of the major Los Angeles area cannot be unlike to congested cities with crowded streets. If the actors conduct an action scene at the Burj Khalifa therefore they may have a sports moving across the skyscraper, considering the happen-able cases in the series throughout New York.

An expected releasing date is April 14, 2017 so we will get to hear more very soon. At this level, we must not wonder of the sizzling action scenes including the crew driving the space shuttle over the Brooklyn Bridge. The earlier versions were made in countries Japan, Dubai and Dominian Republic. The 8th version would be shot in the city of New York. Yes Baby!

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