Most eligible winning contestants of The Celebrity Big Brother 2017

celebrity big brother

Big Brother with a theme All Stars and New Stars reached at the stage where it has become important to speculate the most promising winner.  With all stars, hidden kisses and sizzling rows that needed security alert and many good things happened, Celebrity Big Brother has reached to its final stage.

Now who will win the title? Are there more twists and surprises left in the house? We have received more evictions to handle before the final group is declared.

Jessica and Speidi were the recent contestants to be sent off the house during double eviction. After the secret exit of Jamie O’Hara, Bianca seems to have no meaning to survive in Big Brother. She is not considered as a participant but as an outsider.

biana and O'hara the big brother 2017

The most anticipating winner of The New Celebrity Big Brother is Jedward who is saved from eviction on last Friday. James Cosmo is lingering on as another eligible contestant who only can threaten Jedward to grab the title. Aoife Heffron said, the betting has become totally volatile and now Kim was the new favorite to keep the winning potential. Another eligible winner is Dubliner Jedward.

The Celebrity Big Brother finale will air on Feb 3, only three days are more to go.

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