Easiest ways to take care of yourself without spending heavily

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You can follow these easy tips to keep good care of yourself while keeping the things within budget. ¬† So let’s start right here:

Clean blackheads from your nose:

Wet your face with hot water to open the skin pores. Take 1 part of baking soda, 1 part toothpaste and 2 parts of water in a dish. Massage on the target area with a toothbrush. Follow this as required. Do it daily before bed to remove blackheads.

Headache or Migraine problem:

Keep your feet and hands in hot water and place a bag of cool peas on your skull base. The heat transmitted towards your extremities circulates the blood from your head relieving by some part to relieve from the headache.

Lose belly fat: Drink five cups of green tea daily to remove the belly fat.

Quick pimple removal: Pimple can be removed within minutes by placing a dab of Listerine on it. Alcohol will dry it leading to disappear.

Sore throat:  Consuming three to four marshmallows to sooth a sore throat. Gelatin present in it eliminates pain in your throat.

Drinking grapes juice can eliminate intense migraines

Way to clear blocked nose : Our body has a natural way for clearing the nose. Push tongue against the top of your mouth and keep a finger between your eyebrows and apply pressure. Keep it for around 20 seconds and your sinuses will start to drain.

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