When a dog left her food all of a sudden for this reason!

Dogs are the most loyal animal on this planet as all of us know. They are lovely and caring for their owner and the family.  

This fact is best proved when two Labradors- Cookie and Stitch shared food with each other without any greed to eat the full alone.

Dog Stitch itself trained another dog Cookie to just eat half of the food. Both eat daily in single bowl. Their owner Easton Dufur like us was surprised to see how both dogs are sharing food with each other and this is truly a mesmerizing scene. Both exactly know to leave equal quantity of food for each other.

Unfortunately Stitch died and Cookie is alone nowadays. So whenever owner Easton checks if Cookie has eaten the food, he found, Cookie still left half of the food for Stitch.  This teaches us a lesson that if dogs can show kindness and discipline to each other, then why not humans.

So here is the picture of how Cookie still leaves half of the bowl for her dead friend Stitch.

dog-bowl eating half food

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