What does your Child need, a Pet or a Sibling?


Kids feel deeper connection with their pets rather with their brothers and sisters. According to a research 77 kids in United Kingdom claimed that they like pets more than their siblings.   This adds to the fact that pets have a special role in our character improvement and pleasure.

Although it cannot be said that pets can play the same role of siblings in our lies. The study only focused on the concept that how pets can influence children’s growth and development.

A childhood pet is not less than a companion just like a connection with people. We are eager to know the strength of connection with pets in relation to connection with people. It may help us to estimate the contribution of pets in healthy child growth.

For this, 77 kids were taken each of around 12 years old in UK. Each family has had at least one pet and one or more brothers-sisters. A psychological tool was used to measure the relationship.

It is discovered that kids were having stronger associations with their pets than their siblings, in addition of lower clashes specifically in children with dog as pets.

labrador-dog puppies

We usually have fights with our brother-sister and in some cases they hardly understand us. Although the study is not conduced to find the importance of relationships but to find the value of pets for kids. According to the results, kids give a lot importance to their pets. However pets may not fully respond but the level of connection was excellent like siblings.

However boys and girls showed equal satisfaction level with their pets, girls were found to be closely related with their pets than boys.

We have not been talking about it to make it serious. Actually, pets are and outstanding and unrecognized resource of amazement. For kids, pets not only help improve autism in them even also decrease anxiety and stress levels in kids. Adolescents receive more psychological support from their pets.

People with pets are more likely than those without to know others around. Specifically dog owners who walk with their dog preferably meet their neighbors, so we can say animals bring people together. So, overall pets make people lives good.

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