Cavalier king Charles breed grooming and supervision


Cavaliers have average length silky coats that are found in different colors such as Blenheim (chestnut enriched white background), three shades (black marks on white coat with tanned spots on eyes), black and tan, black with tank spots over eyes, cheeks, chest, legs and under the tail and ruby shade (reddish brown without white spots or marks).  

Maintenance of Cavaliers is pretty easy, just comb them 3-4 times a week and bash or rinse them when required. They love running outdoors and spend time on your bed or couch.

To prevent angles in their feathered hairs on ears and legs, check regularly and comb to prevent them. Hair trimming on feet pads is essential and cleaning his ears weekly. The daunting task is to maintain the bright look of his white paws that become dirty soon.


According to Cavalier king Charles breeder in Lancaster county they don’t require special trimming actually it is recommended for feathering to look natural, however few people trim their feet for cleanliness. Many others also like furry foot.

Brush his teeth twice or thrice a week to prevent the accumulation of tartar and bacteria. Regular brushing is even better if you want to avoid gum problems or bad breath. Daily brushing is much better to give him good breathing and avoid gum problems.

Nail trimming once or twice a month is important. If you hear them hitting the floor, it means they are unnecessarily long. Small and well trimmed nails keep feet in good condition and avoid injuring your legs and arms when Cavs jumps on you for greeting.

Start practicing Cavalier to brush and test when he is a kid. Observe his paws regularly as many dogs are sensitive for their feet and check his mouth and ears. Grooming becomes positive and rewarding if you do it in a good manner,

While his grooming, evaluate his body for sores, rashes, any infection signs like redness, sensitivity or skin burning, ears, nose, mouth, eyes and feet. Take him on weekly exam for any health issues.

Cavaliers with kids and other animals

Cavaliers become good companions of kids and enjoy playing with them, solving tricks and taking part in the games or simply laying in their lap.

Meanwhile you should also guide your kids about how to touch and interact with dogs and observe their behavior with dogs to prevent any biting or injury to dogs. Tell your kids about not to come near to dog when he is eating, sleeping or do not take his food away. Despite of being very friendly, every dog should be under your supervision when he is with your children.

A proper maintenance and guiding helps Cavalier to enjoy living with your family and becoming its member. Also proper guidance boosts his growth and makes him more intelligent when he becomes an adult dog.

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