Causes of Hair Fall and how to stop hair fall to cure baldness

how to stop hair fall immediately

Everyone dreams to have healthy and nourished hairs but it is not fate of all. Beautiful and well grown hairs do not come to all so easily.  People lose hairs in early youth that causes baldness in their youth and seriously affect their appearance. The condition is worse in women than men but it doesn’t happen so easily in females. Baldness can be a type of aggressively traumatic condition that many males usually go through.

Baldness in middle age is ok but don’t accept it when you are young

If your scalp sheds hairs so quickly in the early age, it seems like a disorder. There are several reasons of unwanted hair fall such as:

  1. Hormonal imbalance
  2. Hereditary
  3. Inadequate nutrition
  4. Poor lifestyle

It is normal to shed few numbers of hairs daily but premature baldness is something that you should be worried for. Right here don’t go for costly hair care chemicals.

Females also face the extensive baldness that may occur in specific cases such as ageing, menopause, after baby delivery, sickness and abnormal medicine consumption. However hair loss is a common problem that occurs in both males and females, mostly males get baldness easily.

People specifically females who are suffering with the hair loss use to change their hairstyle to hide the bald areas. It is essential to look for the specialized care and get the problem resolved before it becomes uncontrollable.


It is not uncommon as it can be assumed because almost 5% of females below 30 and 60% at their 70s suffer with this problem.

Female pattern hair loss that often has a powerful genetic component can be received from parents. It is also names as androgenetic alopecia, such kind of hair loss begins early in women and soon they lose hair more than usual. The hairs are miniaturized due to insufficient hair growth and hairs remain on scalp for smaller period. The scalp hairs become similar to those grown on the other parts of body that do not receive their regular length.


Ways for the treatment of premature baldness

Following are the suitable tips that help in treating baldness. With the essential dietary enhancements to prevent hair loss in the young ages.

  • Find the main cause- to start the treatment, it is essential to find the reason of abnormal hair shedding. It results unsuccessful if the cure practices are made without knowing the underlying cause. Consult with a specialized dermatologist to determine the reason and to the ways to handle it.
  • Your dermatologist suggests you some medicines for the treatment of baldness and redevelop hairs in the lost places. The pills such as Propecia, Minoxidil etc are effective for the rebirth of the hair.
  • Hair transplantation is a unique treatment to prevent the baldness in people. The hairs are transplanted from donor region to receiver region by the expert surgeons. The transplanted hairs look natural like surrounded hairs.

  • Consume protein to make get healthy hairs. Reduce the consumption of fat and eat protein rich foods such as walnuts, oats, green peas, nuts, seeds etc. Intake of minerals is essential to prevent baldness in females.
  • Vitamins are essential elements to handle the body operations such as they are responsible for proper hair growth and help us in getting long and nourished hairs. Consumption of cereals, potatoes, whole grains is essential to receive necessary vitamins such as vitamin A, B,C and E that provide you well grown hairs. Vitamins play a special role in preventing damage, color loss and hair shedding. Vitamin B types such as B6 and B12 enhances the blood supply across the body as well as scalp to provide required nourishment to hairs.
  • For those having dry hairs that are inactive and seem lifeless, it is essential to massage them. Dryness makes your hairs weak and results in to hair loss ultimately baldness.

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