The test circuit with power fuels made of Nickel and 10 % Lithium aluminum hydride filled with 20 grams in a nickel cell, made in the stainless steel reaction unit. The present heater is constructed of nichrome wire that is coiled on a ceramic tube. A consistent DC power supply is provided. Heater is shielded by magnesium oxide thermal insulation, filled in an aluminum hollow cylindrical jacket with internal dia of 55 mm and external dia of 25 cm and length 40 cm. Stainless steel protected K –type thermocouple is used to gauge the temperature. A thermocouple T1 is present on the outer layer of reaction unit, T2 is kept in connection with external surface of nickel cell and T3 is kept inside the container in link with the fuel powder. The test was conducted in the starting of May for four days.  Continue reading


It was determined by Greenpeace that an inferior substance is employed in few nuclear power reactors in Korea. Country’s Hydro and Nuclear Power corporation stated that the same substance is utilized in the several parts of world.

Following the reports from Greenpeace, Inconel alloy 600 that has been found hazardous in the past three four decades, is employed in about fourteen power units across Korea whilst United States and France have substituted it with Inconel alloy 690 two decades ago. Continue reading


What is Accounting

Accounting refers to gauging, processing and communication of the financial information about the economic groups. This term was discovered by an Italic mathematician in 15th century. It also refers to the business language that measures the outcomes of a company’s economic activities and distributes the information among the several users such as investors, creditors, management and regulators. The individuals responsible for the actions of accounting are called as accountants. Continue reading


A plastic product is made of a broad range of synthetic and semi synthetic organic compounds that are moldable. Plastics are typically organic materials possessing very high molecular mass but they also include other elements. Associated Plastics are often synthetic, derived from petrochemicals and many are semi – natural. Continue reading

If you want to become a successful forex trader, it needs you to prepare the winning Forex trading strategies that can either be your personal strategy or you have learnt from others. However a single strategy cannot be fit for all traders therefore every trader needs to create own strategy that is suitable for him in all aspects. Generally traders prefer to perform technical or fundamental analysis however the professional traders prefer to perform the both to conclude the most suitable results for the market start and end.  Continue reading