They say that success is not achieved easily if you follow an honest path with truthfulness and dedication. You need to work hard day and night let people realize your potential and value it. Nawazuddin Siddiqui an unknown star earlier hasn’t received the all fame all of a sudden as many of us suppose to. Actually he had been working for a long time in the Hindi Cinema but his skills came into spotlight from Dev D (in a song emotional atyachaar).

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Many say Life is a bed of roses, but is this really true? Does this work on all? Definitely not! All couples are not so much fortunate to get a lovely life after marriage, this is the reason that every second day we use to hear about separation and divorce.

The same happened to popular bollywood personality Karisma Kapoor with her husband Sanjay Kapur. After having a breakup with Big B’s son Abhishek Bachan, Karisma tied a knot with Delhi based industrialist Sanjay Kapur in 2003.  Continue reading


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Modeling is not only a way to show up; it needs good physical appearance and character. If you are a teen girl, you might be eligible for modeling, for that you need to follow few steps. The modeling businesses usually work to allure the young women who seek for starting a career in the modeling career and become the successful models. Generally the girls with no background in modeling are selected for Bubble casting.  Continue reading