How you can prevent overheating your pets in hot weather

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As the maximum temperature level is increasing with every new summer season, the pet owners should put their pets first.   Meanwhile what are the symptoms that your best mate is struggling in hot weather, here is how you can understand it:

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Signs your Dog is Overheating 

Dog breeds that easily overheat in the hot season are pugs, bulldogs and greyhounds. Do not take your dog out for walk in the hottest time of the day. Keeping an eye on these signs you can determine if your pet is suffering from heat problems:

  1. Heavy panting
  2. Their gums and tongue turn into bright pink or red color
  3. Dry and tacky mouth, more buildup of mucus
  4. Floppy tongue coming out of their mouth
  5. Laziness
  6. Nausea
  7. Blistered paws
  8. Lifting feet more awkwardly if the floor is very ho
  9. Dizziness

How you can help dog cool down

    1. Offering sufficient of fresh water however allow them to drink water only up to the necessary level or they may vomit.
    2. Avoid strenuous exercises in hot time of the day
    3. Take your dog to a cool and covered place when they feel very hot and sponge cold water on their abdomen, armpits and feet
    4. Avoid your pooch to walk on dark, warm places absorb more sunlight
    5. Avoid feeding your dog within hour of any type of exercises as it may cause gastrointestinal issues
    6. If your dog has less hair, use sunscreen on the open skin like around their ears
    7. On the other hand, if it has dense hair, trim its coat to enable it withstand the hot weather

  1. Cooling coats are also a good idea, these are a jackets that can be cooled and worn by your dog so he/she can stay cool.
  2. If it is very hot outside and you need to go somewhere urgently, leave your dog at home.
  3. Let your dog stand in a cool pool to cool down his sweat glands. Put cold water on your dog’s chest. Never use ice to help your dog cool down as it may reduce their temperature very fast and constrict the blood circulation.

Other considerable factors

    1. Dog’s appetite may reduce in the summer season. It is not essentially a problem unless they eat very less food or vomit after each meal.
    2. Dogs with dark coats overheat more quickly because dark colors such as brown and black absorb more sunlight

  1. Don’t irritate your dog in hot weather because as like us, dogs are also annoying in heat.
  2. Never lock your dog in car as it can dehydrate and overheat them irrespective of the weather
  3. Also avoid locking your pet in the conservatories because they get greenhouse effects very soon and become superhot.

How to control overheating your Cats

Although cats can better handle the heat than dogs still taking some steps make their summer season more enjoyable.

When a cat is overheated

  1. Heavy panting or breathing
  2. Drooling
  3. Pink or red tongue
  4. Nausea
  5. Laziness or restlessness because it cannot find a cool place
  6. Sweaty paws
  7. Dizziness

How you can take care of your cat

    • Offer easy access to plenty of fresh water
    • Brushing cats more regularly helps to discard extra hair more easily in the summer season
    • Use fan or AC to keep the place cool
    • Pad them with wet cloth when they seem to be overheated
    • Keep some areas of your house cool and shaded for your cat

  • Do not take your cat out of house in the hottest time of the day usually between 11 am to 4pm
  • Give your cat food in smaller parts and more frequently
  • Apply suncreams on their sensitive areas such as ears
  • Trim its coat when your cat’s hair get very long.

Also you should follow the above mentioned other considerable factors for cats as well.


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