Which is the biggest health risk in pregnant women?

ivf-multiple-pregnancy risk

According to recent IVF studies, children born through this technique are at higher risk of heart disease and metabolic problems than the normally born kids.   It means that IVF kids may suffer from strokes, diabetes or other problems in their mid age. It is pointing to short life span of future generation born by this method. Kids by multiple births may suffer from the drastic health issues that are as severe as caused by junk food.

Multiple births like having two or more children are the result of transferring several embryos to increase the chance of successful pregnancy instead the success of IVF. Getting twins could be an advantage for many couples but multiple births is dangerous for mother and kids both as there is risk of untimely birth, low birthweight and risk of various physical and mental disorders that includes deafness, blindness, diabetes etc.

Risks associated with Multiple births

Most of couples think that it is better to complete family in one change by having two or more babies. We usually hear delighting stories of couples who had kids through IVF healthily and normally. But this is not the complete picture in actual with many kids at once, their life can be troublesome.

The health risks for twins, triplets and quads are much higher than those for single kid because the multiple babies are at the risk of early birth and low weight. There is also a risk of early and after miscarriage in case of twins.

There is a chance of division of single embryo into two after IVF however the reasons are not evident. Therefore it is possible that IVF mothers may give birth to twins even after implantation of single embryo or three kids after implantation of two embryos.

Many of the identical babies share single placenta and they are at the vast risk of snags during pregnancy for example TTTS (Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome) that may even cause death of the child.

In case of severity of multiple births, surgeons suggest to have single fetal to enhance the chances of survival and healthy baby birth and preventing the risk of losing baby.


Epigenetic variations

Considering the future studies there is definitely a bad effect on kid’s health however the reason is unknown. IVF kids are the only child to their elderly parents and there are minor chances of having siblings thereafter. The problems that they experience may be caused by health factors that affect their mother fertility or higher age of their father.

The heart problems are associated with culture solution in which are embryos are placed for 5 days before the transfer to their mother uterus.


Reduced birthweight

IVF is still not very old technique. IVF kids possess lower birthweights, it has confirmed in the different studies that kids born through this technique have various problems such as high blood pressure, blood sugar level and obesity that increases the risk of cardiovascular issues or metabolic disorders.

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