Best ways to backup your Apple Watch

apple watch with iphone

Follow these easiest and most important tips to back up an Apple Watch. 

Keep your watch in range to back up data to your iPhone on daily basis. The whole data is already a part of your iPhone so while backing it on iCloud or iTunes, your watch will also be backed up. When you un-pair your watch, it will itself create a backup. And when it is paired up again, just set it up from backup in this way:

Settings->iCloud-> Backup

Turn on iCloud Backup

If you have got a New Apple Watch

Follow these steps to restore from a backup a New Apple Watch:

Open Watch app-> Pair it-> Restore from a backup

Then follow the instructions and agree to the conditions, then login with your Apple ID.

Keeping you iPhone backup updated, helps your Apple Watch stay updated as well. Once your iPhone backup is restored, follow the above instructions to backup our Apple Watch as well.

What does backup include:

    1. Apps data such as Mail, Weather, Stocks
    2. Home Screen
    3. Dock Settings
    4. Health and Fitness data

  1. Notifications
  2. Time
  3. Synchronized photos

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