The Best Movies in 2016 which you must watch

Passengers-Movie 2016

Soon, you will say Good Bye 2016 and Welcome 2017 as only two weeks are left for the new year to come. The year 2016 has given us several good movies that are meaningful, funny, and scary and so much more.   So here is a quick list of the best movies of the year that have spread different colors to make your life more tasteful.

Bigger splash movie

A Bigger Splash

Tilda Swinton goes on a vacation with her boyfriend on an Italian island. The couple unites by the efforts of Harry, Dakota Johnson and other actors. While enjoying the sun, the lazy moments instantly turn into a great thrill. Tilda looks fabulous in the role of a musician. Fiennes has a dynamite dance scene. Voldemort is described in a same way.

Deadpool movie 2016


Not just being a superhero, Deadpool has taught us we don’t need supercharged models to save the world from the damage by some villain. Deadpool is totally different. It is surprising to see a hero who is just senseless but loves his partner and wants good things for her. This movie also focuses cancer that has never happened in any other popular hit.

Ghostbusters movie 2016


However the movie attracted controversies. It was disliked by some punks just because the females fighting off those unfriendly ghosts. However if you emerge at this reboot impartially, you will observe a solid, entertaining family flick about 4 females who use their friendship to appear on the top. Kate McKinnon totally funny and Chris Hemsworth deserve some type of award for his ditzy performance as the group’s secretary.

Captain America Civil War movie

Captain America: Civil War

The superhero movies always move around a villain problem. If there is an outstanding movie or there is some lame character who has no credible motivation for their unhelpful cruelty. His actions set the Avengers against all that is made for enjoyable tense watching, however the film is eventually about the major question of if superheroes are good or destructive. We are waiting for Marvel to declare a Black Widow spin-off.

Sing Street movie 2016

Sing Street

A Dublin resident Conor begins a rock band to impress his crush and escaping his undesirable family life. For feelgood, bighearted movies, this teen story can’t be beaten. Sing Street is full of hopefulness, a welcome presence in the present days and the songs are seriously outstanding. If you are not often a musicals person, give it a shot. It can be pleasantly wonderful.

Zootopia movie 2016


An animated movie, Zootopia is a touching story that gives a lesson that you should not judge people by their appearance or their different points of view. Judy Hopps is a spunky rabbit who is a police officer. She proves herself to doubt colleagues. From bunny to fox and lion, the different species are subject to different stereotypes and finally Judy learns that there is no eventual thing as inherent behavior simply because of who they are. It is simply a fun watch.

Love and Friendship movie 2016

Love and Friendship

This movie describes a story of Lady Susan and in several ways it is a typical of an Austen story. Lady Susan Vernon is a seductive female who is willing to do anything to win the man she asks. Drama ensues with ornate costumes to match. Director Whit Stillman manages to capture the manners and detail of the period while making the story itself totally eternal.

Sing movie 2016


In the world of animals, Buster Moon presides in a grand theatre that has gone through hard times. Buster is an optimist and scoundrel who is dedicated for his theatre and makes every possible effort to keep it. A team of five members- mouse, teenage elephant,  a gangster gorilla, porcupine and an overtaxed mother emerge. Every contestant believes that their performance in the theatre will change their life.

Passengers-Movie 2016

Passengers (To be released on December 21)

Two passengers on their regular journey in space for a new home, are sleeping in suspended condition. They get up 90 years before when their spacecraft stops working correctly. Jim and Aurora face living the rest of the lives on board with each luxury they could demand for, they are instantly attracted to each other and become unable to refuse their love until they realize that their ship is totally in danger.

Assassin’s Creed movie

Assassin’s Creed (To be released on December 21)

The evolution of technology unveils the genetic memories, Callum Lynch experiences the adventure of his ancestor, Aguilar in 15th century Spain. Callum finds that he belongs to a mysterious secret society , the Assassins and accumulates wide knowledge and skills to perform the oppressive and strong Templar company in the modern time.

Rogue One A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Released on December 14)

After the development of Galactic Empire, a rogue band of resistance fighters team up for a wide assignment to whip the Death Star plans. Latest hope will be departure from the saga films however have elements that are familiar to the Star Wars universe. It moves into new territory, discovering the galactic struggle from a wide-war perspective while maintaining that important Star Wars sense that fans have realized.


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