These 7 flight tips will make your trip convenient

Airplanes are used more and more now than any other transport medium and it is widely seen that most people who travel through airplanes do know about all of their attributes.   So in this post you will learn about some of those most valuable tips for air travel  that can really make your trip very much cozy and easy.

Flight Window seats are colder

airplane window seats

Do you know that temperature outside the cabin can go as low as to -60oC to -65oC that reduces the temperature of plane’s fuelsage. The outer cold can also be experienced in seats near the windows particularly in summer season when most people wear light clothes. So if you like to watching views through the window, make sure to put on warm clothes.

Wear sturdy Shoes

solid shoes for flight

Instead wearing flip flops, prefer to put on durable shoes. In case of emergency, solid shoes can protect you from heat and sharp items.

Say no to hot drinks

tea coffee in airplane

Water used to prepare hot beverage in flight can contain wicked germs such as Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. It is suggested by specialists who diagnosed items offered by different airlines in lab. SO rather drinking tea or coffee, choose bottled water or fruit juices.

Dirtiest Parts of the plane are folding tables and seat pockets

flip tables in airplane

Air cabin crew admitted that people usually use folding tables to change their baby’s diaper. So you should never put food directly on the table. Keep wet wipes and keep your personal items in your bag. Additionally it is found that trash collected during flights is usually lied in pockets on the seat back facing you.  Moreover these pockets are fully cleaned as you need.

Choose morning flights

If you can manage time, you should choose morning flights because there will be nominal chance of its delay and if you are afraid of flying, morning hours of planes are less turbulent.

Better service is offered in the final rows

If you sit in the initial rows of the plane, you can get out of the door first once the plane lands and get choices in food. Oppositely, if you choose a seat to the back of cabin, you can receive more attention from the cabin crew because it is easier to bring extra eating items and other things to the final rows without getting noticed by front seaters, so enabling the crew to avoid extra requests to up and down the airplane.

Keep cushion in limited volume

While blowing up your neck pillow in the plane, remember the physics principle – if you fill the pillow fully with air, due to variations in air pressure in the cabin it may burst. So fill it only to the level you can be comfortable sleep with.

Choose flavor in special menus

Airlines offer various meal options such as veg, seafood, halal, kosher menus and others. No matter if you have no specific choice, you can choose specialist meal choice as they are tastier and have more variety than standard foods.


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