6 Easiest Tips to protect your pets from bugs and insects

Cockapoo breed pup

Tiny insects like fleas and flies annoy your pets. They are parasites that survive on animal’s blood and reproduce very quickly.  

It is common for pets to catch fleas and ticks when you are out with them for walks or play games. Due to poor immunity of pets they are more sensitive to catch the parasites which constantly bite your pets resulting in blood loss, anemia and other diseases. 

Ticks unlike to fleas attack themselves to pet’s skin by creating gluelike fluid.

Fortunately, you can keep your pets secured from these parasites.

Regular pet grooming

Grooming your dogs or cats or other pets on regular basis keep them healthy by protecting them from parasites. The insects that hide in your pet’s coat can be easily cleaned by keeping an eye on them.


Maintain Cleanliness

If your house and around are dirty, they become the breeding site for fleas and ticks. These parasites are carried by rodents and other insects. So do not let accumulate water and clean the place around you to free it from germs.

After cleaning your house, use sprays and foggers to kill the fleas, larvae and eggs. You can get these products from your local vet office or pet store. Use these products carefully as they can be harmful to your kids and pets. So follow the instructions carefully and consult with your vet about how to use them.

Regular diagnosis of pets

Make sure to get your pets checked up on regular basis. Never miss their checkup session so take them to a vet on time and look for any signs of parasites. Additionally do not forget to vaccinate your pooch on time however do not overdo it to maintain the health of your pet.

Strengthen immune system

Pets with weak immunity systems are sensitive to catch bugs infection. So you should try to improve their immunity by feeding them fresh foods that are fit for the pet type. Clean their beds regularly and keep them away from chemicals.

Use flea dips

Instead using shampoos, dips containing water should be applied and left.  Dips contain chemicals so use them carefully and follow the instructions. Do not use dips on pregnant or young pets.

Get Flea Collars

You can also prevent flea attack on your pets by bringing them flea collar. Efficiency of collars depend on extent of infestation in the nearby area. Put the flea collars next to the skin. Keep it light fit to prevent tightness. Also give attention if your pet is scratching around the color because some pets feel it very difficult to deal with chemicals.

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