These 5 Settings will increase your Android battery and save data and apps

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Irrespective of doing anything in your Android phone, you should be familiar with these essential settings that limit the usage of your cellular data, cloud backup and secure your data if something unwanted happens to your device.  

Activate Data Saver

You should not use data freely unless you have subscribed unlimited data plans. So you would be noticing the data usage. But there are several android apps that eat up data notoriously particularly those that are active in the background.

This is the reason you should keep Android’s Data Saver Turned on all the time. It will prevent the use of cellular data background apps and save you from receiving hefty data bills.

Settings > Data Usage > Data Saver

Additionally, if you don’t want to prevent data usage by all the background apps, you can choose the required apps to use background data while Data Saver is activated.  Go to Unrestricted data access, switches next to the apps that you want to allow data usage.

One more thing, turn off Data Saver while using your device as hotspot and then turn it on again once your device’s hotspot is off.

Disable Data Roaming

Despite of having a great data plan, you will still be charged if you haven’t turned of Data roaming in your android device. If it is activated it will allow your phone to use data when you are in another state and will cause you large phone bills if you are not familiar with it.

To do it- go to Settings > Data Usage, tap three-dot(…) button in the top right of your screen, choose cellular network and then disable Data Roaming.

Disable Unknown Sources

Android gives you the freedom to use Google Play Store to download any type of app. You can also download and use third party apps without the need to root your phone. But it is risky to use third party apps unlike Google due to malware attack. There are websites that put an illicit code on your device without your knowledge. So to prevent this trouble, you should turn off Unknown Sources. Go to Settings > Security > Turn off Unknown Sources

Turn on Battery Saver

Although android phones are very strong featured but their batteries still have limited life. So you should use Battery Saver option in your device. Once it is activated, your phone will be switched to dimmed screen, turned off location services and all background app activities to save the most of your battery.

The advantage of battery saver mode is that you don’t need to turn it on manually. Simply set a level at which this function will be activated such as 5 or 15% by going this way : Settings> Battery > Battery Saver and then choose 5 or 15%.

Back up your data always

Finally, your entire app data and settings should be backed up to the cloud. Simply click a switch and your device will regularly backup your current form to Google drive.

Settings > Backup & Reset > Back up my data

Here you can choose which of your Google accounts should be used as backup store.

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