21 Superworking headache remedies you must know

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A rigorous headache can spoil your day totally. Pills do not work always and it is suggested to not to take so many pills within a day to treat headache because it will affect your overall body.

So how can you can find a perfect solution to cure your pain? Here is the relief.

  1. Magical Ice

Ice is perfect for severe headaches. Sometimes pain in head occurs due to pressure of blood vessels on the nerves. Using ice, the pressure can be relived significantly. So get an ice pack from your freezer and put it on the most painful areas of your head such as temples, forehead or back of neck.

  1. Cayenne Pepper is effective

Taking a spicy pepper may seem a weird treatment of headache but it works. Many studies showed that cayenee pepper works on headache treatment. If you don’t like spicy foods, just use half teaspoon of cayenne power with 4 oz hot water. Dip a cotton swab in it and apply it inside your both nostrils. Initially it creates a burning feeling but soon your headache disappears.

  1. Daith Piercing

Get your daith pierced for the permanent treatment of your headache. Daith is a pressure point towards your ear, getting it pierced offers a complete cure however it is not approved by scientists.

  1. Meditation

Muscle stress is also a major cause of headache so to relieve it you should do the meditation that will loosen the constricted muscles and also increase blood circulation in your body to reduce the stress level.

  1. Peppermint Oil

It controls the blood supply in the body and opens sinuses for higher oxygen supply. Many people say that scented oil has given them a great relief in headache. Rub with oil on the affected areas or drink peppermint tea or chew it to cure the headache.

  1. Reduce sugar consumption

Refined sugar is a major cause of headache. Consumption of sugar in large level and even carbohydrates increase sugar level in your blood due to which your body has to increase the insulin production to digest the sugar. Higher blood sugar level causes headaches. So by reducing its consumption you can control headaches significantly.

  1. Ginger – The King

Ginger gives instant relief from headaches by reducing inflammation in blood vessels of your head, eventually the pain. It stimulates digestion so quells the nausea that occurs in case of migraine.

How to use it:

Steep ginger root for tea or take equal contents of ginger juice and lemon juice, combine them and drink. Do this once or twice a day. Another method is make a paste of ginger powder, put 2 tbsps of water mixed with paste on your forehead for a couple of minutes for instant relief.

  1. Lavender Oil

It is an excellent headache cure, just smell the soothing fragrance of lavender oil by putting a few drops of it on a tissue paper and smell it. Or add  drops of this oil to two cups of boiling water and take the steam.

Mix 2 – 3 drops in one tablespoon of almond oil or olive oil and massage your forehead.

Take a foot bath of lavender oil and peppermint. The warm water circulates more blood to your feet and the aroma eases your body. Benefits of Lavender oil

  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon does the magic in treating any type of headaches. Grind some cinnamon sticks into a powder, add some water to make a paste and apply it on your forehead and temples then take rest for half hour. Clean it with lukewarm water.

  1. Simple Exercise

Simple exercises to stretch your head and neck help to alleviate any type of headache. Move your chin up and down, left and right and then bend your neck sideways towards each shoulder. Or rotate your neck in clockwise and anticlockwise directions to relax your shoulder and neck muscles.

  1. Crazy Cool Cloves (CCC)

Cloves are very effective in relieving a headache for their cooling and pain-relieving characteristics. Grind a few cloves and keep them in a packet. Inhale the smell of grinded cloves when you suffer from a headache to get an instant treatment. Another method is mix two drops of clove oil in a tablespoon of coconut oil and sea salt and massage your forehead.

  1. Apple

Apple and apple cide vinegar are effective in treating headache. They maintain the acid-alkaline balance in your body. So how to use them:

Mix ½ cup of apple cider vinegar with same quantity of water, boil the solution, remove the heat, cover your head with towel and inhale the steam. It will give quick relief from sinus headaches.

If you experience severe headache in early morning, eat apple with salt and then drink warm water.

Add 2 tbsps of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, add honey and lemon juice. Drink the mixture twice or thrice a day to see the results.

  1. Nuts

Instead taking a medicine, eat some almonds. For daily headaches, almonds are effective remedy and are a healthier treatment for headache. It is a pain-releiver as it contains salicine that is a popular treating agent. So eat some pieces of wholesome nuts when you experience headache.

  1. Fish Oil

Few studies have shown that intake of fish oil significantly improves migraines and headaches. It consists of omega-3 fatty acids that improve heart condition. Fish oil also relieves inflammation, blood clothing and lowers blood pressure and stabilizes heart rhythm. All together effectively reduce headache.

  1. What works- hot or cold?

Headache treatments are suspicious, on one person cold treatment works whilst on others it gets counter-effective. Some headaches occur by expansion of blood vessels creating pressure on nerves. In such cases , using cold treatment gives a relief. In other cases, headache occurs by tension and stress, here you need hot treatment.

Cold treatment includes keeping cold pack or ice on your forehead

Hot treatment includes taking steam

  1. Do not take Monosodium glutamate (MSG)

MSG is a food flavor that contains glutamic acid (derived from amino acid). In many headache patients, it is found that MSG causes migraines or variety of headaches because it excites body neurons. So check your food labels for MSG. It can be hidden so look for words – hidden MSG and be more aware for junk food.

  1. Butterbur

It is a plant used as a cure for headaches. It is very popular in western medical culture for curing migraines. It is effective in two ways for its inflammatory effects and function as a natural beta blocker that maintains blood circulation in brain. So it helps preventing migraines. An adult can take 50 to 100mg of butterbur two times a day to cure or prevent headaches and migraines.

  1. Limit Chocolate consumption

Chocolate contains caffeine that causes headaches.

  1. Hydration

Usually most of us do not drink sufficient water that is also a cause of head pain. Consumption of coffee, tea, alcohol and cold drinks reduces water level in body and if we do not drink sufficient of water, it causes headache. So to prevent it happen, drink 6 to 8 glass of water a day or eat water containing foods and fruits such as spinach, oranges, strawberries, cauliflower etc.

  1. Massage

Rub your temples or get massage of your neck, back, head and shoulder for short term relief. People suffering from migraines should take weekly massage for better treatment and enhanced sleep.

  1. Yoga

Add physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation to improve balance of mind, body and soul. People who do yoga regularly are less prone to headaches than those who do not do it.

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