20 Tips and Tricks for perfect Photography with your Smartphone

perfect photo capturing

Smartphone has one of the most using feature- Camera, this is the sole major characteristic that has made smartphones highly demanding among modern generation.  

But not everyone knows how to get the best clicks from their smartphone camera. So here, I am sharing the easiest and most useful tips to get the perfect photoshoot from your gadget.

  1. Correct camera settings

All smartphoners do not use settings section of the camera and prefer only the default settings. But a nominal change in the camera settings can help you get the best shots. Set your resolution, aspect ratio and other options to receive the desired results.

  1. Understand your camera

As your smartphone features a camera so use it to know more about it. Test with taking pictures in different angles and positions. Regular practice will make you the perfect photographer.

  1. Take many clicks

Do not take just single shot. When you are taking a selfie or group photo, prefer to click many photos so that you can ensure receiving one the best photo among all shots. Things happen like group members see here or there or eye blinking that ruin your photo so clicking many shots give the one perfect shot definitely.

  1. Image Crop feature

If you getting trouble in framing the subject, choose to crop the image to get the required result.

  1. Gentle editing

Perfect editing of pictures after photoshoot is not possible for all. People either do over editing or not editing the pictures at all. Editing helps in emphasizing the characteristics of your photo. You can use various editing apps for example Google Photos, Instagram, Photobucket and other apps to edit your image for desired results. But don’t do the over-editing.

  1. Spend more time to perfect focus your camera

focus photography smartphone camera

In order to focus your smartphone on the target subject, you should take more time to capture the scene and do not do it in hurry. Sometimes other subjects interrupt in the focus and user becomes unable to see it on the screen, so focus more on the desired subject to show your viewers what you want to show them.

  1. Lens should be tidy always

A major factor responsible for perfect shots is clean camera lens. If dirt, dust or other particles accumulate around your phone lens, they will obstruct the clear view of the subject and hence wont let you get the perfect photo. So keep your lens clean by using clean cloth.

  1. One hand is not adequate to click a photo consistently

By using two hands you can hold your phone perfectly for more control on focus and stabilize your device to get the perfect click. So you can reduce the chance of getting blurred photo.

  1. Fill the viewfinder

viewfinder photography smartphone camera android

The situations come around when you try to shoot a big photo but couldn’t get an excellent click. When you are at a long distance from the subject, you receive small, unidentifiable picture with far background. To correct it, fill the viewfinder and try to get close to the subject, but do not zoom it as it can spoil your image.

  1. Use rule of thirds

Rule_of_thirds_photo iphone camera

When you are trying to place the subject in the center of the frame, remember to use the rule of thumbs. Break the frame in three equal parts in both horizontal and vertical direction. You can do it in settings. The points where these lines intersect are the positions where you can keep points of focus in the frame. You will get a great photo.

  1. Adjust the light

Photoshoot in natural light always gives excellent results with real color unlike to photo taken with flash. If you are shooting in cloudy weather, choose strong lights. Using white posterboard or sunshade of your car dashboard can brighten your target.

  1. Click group photos

A beautiful natural scene is a good subject however it doesn’t always give a great picture. So get some people in your frame to make your photos more personal and memorable.

  1. Consider negative area

Negative Space photography

It means focus on the surrounding and between the subjects of an image to take a good photo. When you add more of empty space in your photo, it makes your subject much more stronger for the viewers. Negative space like sky, water, empty area, large wall etc.

  1. Choose a different perspective

Taking photo from a special and unanticipated angle can make your click unforgettable as it can create a height or depth with subjects and make the image exceptional . Try clicking a subject just upward or use negative space such as sky.

  1. Consider leading lines

leading lines

In few photos, there is a line that catches viewer’s attention to a part of the frame that is called leading line. It can be circular or straight, building fronts, rail tracks or path in woods. These lines offer a great sense of depth for an image and make your picture appear as specially designed.

  1. Check symmetry

Symmetry refers to harmonious and attraction level and balance. A symmetrical picture can be appealing to an eye and also may get compelling. While clicking a photo, symmetry means making a picture that can be divided in two equal parts.

  1. Play with colors

You can give a single color to your whole image except one object. You can do this by using apps for example Touch Color. Color blocking enables you to highlight the specific factors of your photo such as a book, person, flower or anything with hue.

  1. Collect small details

Little things are also valuable to pictures. Take close ups of subjects with small and delicate details that can make a great photo. Focus on textures and patterns for example tile tabletop or peeling paint.

  1. Honest Shots

Posing for photos is done to create memories of the special time you had. However usually honest and truthful shots look more fascinating. Because natural photos are more effective in capturing the emotion at the specific moment. The best ways to take such photos is simply capture the scene as it is.

  1. Add additional lens

Camera Phone additional lens

If you are looking for fancy things, add more lenses in your camera. You can attach any camera with the basic camera lens of your smartphone to introduce new perspective of your images.

I hope you’d find this article useful, so please share it with others and post your reviews 🙂


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