12 hackers to make your Android Device a Super Phone

android performance speed up apps and tricks

Every android device usually performs faster when it is new but it retains its speed for only a couple of months. Its performance slows down gradually and it becomes frustrating now and then to open this and that app.  

This problem is common among most of Android users and everyone looks for the ways to make their device better. So now, I am going to unveil the tips of not only just speed up your device in fact make it so much more.

Speed Up Android Smartphone

Turn Off Animations

Animation and transition effects offer an attractive sense to your device but they affect the speed of your smartphone. So turning off animations will relax your processor and help to speed up your Android phone.

How to Turn off Animations

Settings > About Phone > tap Build number for seven times to open developer options. Tap on Windows Animation scale, animation duration scale and transition animation scale, here turn all of them off. After this, just restart your device and get the better functionality.

Send Widgets to bin

Although widgets are attractive and they improve the look of your phone screen in addition of showing information without the need to open an app. However they take lots of data and keep refreshing round the clock. So you need to get rid of them if you want to speed up your device.

How to do it:

When everything failed you tried, choose factory reset to clean out your all data. It will obviously delete your messages, contacts, apps, everything but your device will be brought back to its original performance level like a new one.  

Go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data reset

Delete unnecessary apps and bloatware apps

Many of us like to install apps that we even do not use much. Remember an app not just covers space but also uses processor time, memory and keeps running all the time hence slows down the speed of your phone. So you can uninstall those apps that you do not use regularly.

Switch to Settings > Apps > tap select the apps you want to disable> disable

Clean Cache

Apps and browser are major reasons of reducing the speed of your Android Phone, but you can handle this problem by clearing cache. It not only increases the speed of your device even also saves space.  For this you can install Cache cleaner apps such as CCleaner,  Avast Cleanup & Boost. You can also do it manually:

Settings > Device Management > Storage or in other devices Cache is accessible by tapping Settings > Storage and Memory.

Prefer Fast microSD card

Apps loaded on your microSD slow down your phone. In some cases, apps automatically download data on your card. To increase the speed of such apps, insert faster microSD card in your phone when you want to enlarge your device’s capacity.

Chrome Data Saver Mode On

It not jus speeds up your device even also saves your cellular data. Data saver mode compresses web pages by 30%, decreasing the loading times, particularly on devices with fast processor. It is an easy to use option that you should use if Chrome is your device’s main browser.

Settings > Data Saver Menu> Turn it on

Secret features

Hidden Developer Features

If you want to access a variety of functions characterized in your device, you can use this feature.

Settings > About Phone > Build Number. Click on Build number to enable it tell you that you have become a developer of this device. Then anytime you visit settings, you can explore lot more options than ever.


While exploring the developer options, you will discover animation scale that controls the speed of your device while switching from one operation to another. You can change the speed by choosing from the given options in your phone for example Animation scale 0.5x to 10x or choosing animation is off.


It is very crucial option for all who find their notification is accidentally swiped off or it disappears soon. How to do it:

a.       Create a new widget by keep pressing the home screen.

b.      Go to Widgets to find settings shortcut and drag it to the home screen

c.       Check all options by clicking them and select notification log to find all latest notifications

Offline Google Maps

Downloading area some kilometers around your area would help you use the map even without the need of internet or GPS. It saves your mobile data and time of waiting and downloading everytime you use it.

Inbuilt File Explorer

Settings > Storage > Explore to search for a file and open it without using external app.

Now How to Secure your Android Phone

1.       Do not use unknown, free Wi-Fi connections without VPN technology. If you keep your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth open all the times, you are inviting hackers to access your device

2.       App download is also risky. So always choose a popular source for download an app.

3.       Keep your mobile phone password locked

4.       Instead using traditional antivirus app, try finding advanced mobile security app.

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